Lost in LA: Antelope Valley

Antelope Valley poppy field (April 2020). While discussing what "Los Angeles" is, it is important to distinguish between Los Angeles, the city, and Los Angeles, the county. The city itself is significantly-smaller than the county (503 squared miles vs 4700 squared miles, respectively), and it's mostly concentrated in the county's center. Los Angeles County itself … Continue reading Lost in LA: Antelope Valley

Crazy Travel Stories #12: That One Time I Got Bed Bugs in Belgium…

Travel is a wonderful means of discovering various places in terms of their culture, food, language, people, and customs. There is a romanticized beauty of getting lost in the beauty of a town you're in, of happening upon strangers who become your friends, of reveling in a night out and waiting until it's dawn to … Continue reading Crazy Travel Stories #12: That One Time I Got Bed Bugs in Belgium…

10 Hidden Gems in France

A couple of months back, Camden from Baguettes and Bicyclettes wrote a post on her favorite hidden gems in the south of France. I was inspired by her post to create my own, although this one will include my personal favorites from all over France, in general. Some are bigger in size, others more-famous... but … Continue reading 10 Hidden Gems in France

Travel Challenge– Day 4

Hey, folks! I was nominated by fellow travel blogger Anita from 100 Country Trek (thanks, dear!) to post one favorite travel picture a day for ten days without explanation, then nominate someone else to participate. That’s 10 days, 10 travel pictures, and 10 nominations. It is fun to search through my favorite photos, bringing back memories of … Continue reading Travel Challenge– Day 4

28 Lessons I Learned in 28 Years

Greetings, folks! Since turning 25, I've dedicated a post each year on my birthday (March 25th) to lessons that I've learned throughout the past year. In correspondence with my 28th year this year, I will be listing 28 bits of knowledge that I've acquired in these past 12 months and will be imparting them to … Continue reading 28 Lessons I Learned in 28 Years