Destination: le Palais Idéal, France

Le palais Idéal du Facteur Cheval (October 2017).

After a pleasant day in Pérouges the day before, I headed out to the palais Idéal du Facteur Cheval the following morning while in Lyon during my October holidays. Considering that I had a mix-up with waking up the morning before (long-story short, I’d made the mistake of setting my alarm for the day after I’d planned to visit the palace, so I’d missed my train to head over– I chose to do Pérouges that day instead), I made sure to set my alarm for the correct day in order not to miss the opportunity see this incredible palace.

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Destination: Pérouges, France

Wandering the medieval village of Pérouges (October 2017).

While staying in Lyon during this past October vacances, I also made a couple of day trips to nearby villages as means of discovering more of the Lyonnaise region, using the city as a base for doing so. Again, this year is my first time really exploring a new part of France, and I was keen on seeing what it had in store for me– nature, architecture, and everything in between.

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Destination: Lyon, France — Part 2 (October 2017 edition)

At the jardin Rosa Mir (October 2017).

The following morning after my first afternoon in Lyon, I woke up early to prepare myself for my second day in the city. While my plan for that day wasn’t necessarily over-packed with things to do or see, it would be a lot of walking all over Lyon, and I had to physically (and mentally) prepare myself. Considering that I’d done the same the previous day, it was a matter of pacing myself for the day to come.

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