Destination: Strasbourg, France (2018 Edition)

After my fall semester of teaching ended in mid-November, I wasted no time embarking on my two-week travels in Europe. I started with a week in the warm country of Malta (adventures to be posted soon) before I headed back to France to visit a friend for a week in Strasbourg, as well as to … Continue reading Destination: Strasbourg, France (2018 Edition)

Destination: Lyon, France (Fête des Lumières– 2018 Edition)

Bonjour! Last weekend, I spent my time in Lyon for the fête des Lumières (aka "Festival of Lights"). Drawing over four million(!) people each year for a long weekend of light exhibitions all over the city, it's certainly one of France's biggest highlights-- domestic and international. Besides dazzling visitors with extravagant light shows, it also ushers in the … Continue reading Destination: Lyon, France (Fête des Lumières– 2018 Edition)

Destination: Reims, France

Situated about an hour east of Paris, the city of Reims (pronounced "rance") is the capital of the Champagne region. That's to say that it's located in the heart of the champagne-making part of France, and it's no wonder that plenty of visitors come to check out the copious cellars, lush vineyards, and of course, … Continue reading Destination: Reims, France

Destination: Château de Chenonceau, France

Clustered in the rural, but bucolic Central region of France, the châteaux de la Loire are certainly stunners. Having once been inhabited by kings, queens, and noblemen, these stately manors are considered one of the finest examples of French architectural history. They draw millions of visitors-- French and foreigners alike-- to their 100-plus locations each year, as … Continue reading Destination: Château de Chenonceau, France