Destination: Paris, France (2018 Spring Break Edition– Part 1)

Place de la Bastille (April 2018).


I had a week off for the April vacances just this past week, and I decided to get away to the city of Paris. Thing was, I’d originally didn’t consider going, as I’d thought that I would stay close to and make trips to nearby towns in the Lyon region. Also, I had just gone to Paris in January, so I didn’t think about returning so soon. But my parents happened to be visiting that same week I was off, and with that, I booked my *semi-spontaneous* bus ride over to the French capital. Continue reading “Destination: Paris, France (2018 Spring Break Edition– Part 1)”

How I Became a Lectrice in France


Considering that it’s around that time of year that lecteur/lectrice interviews are happening, I would like to share my story of how I’ve gotten my current lectrice job, having been inspired by Dana’s own blog post of her journey to becoming one. You can also check out this post I wrote recently about how to secure a position as a lecteur/lectrice.

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How to Become a Lecteur/Lectrice in France


I’m about two months late, but all the same, I wanted to give my two cents (or centimes) on the lecteur/lectrice application process in France. Especially if many of you are currently assistant.e.s or aspiring expats who want to continue living in the country legally, then having this job is a good way to do so.

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