Thanks for checking out my blog. Being that this is my first*ever* post, I admit that there’s an insufferable amount of pressure to make it good, as it sets the bar for how later posts will turn out.

But to hell with it: the perfectionist in me knows that it won’t ever be top notch, so I’ll have to settle for second-notch.

So why I decide to start this blog? Two reasons:

1. I like to write. Simple as that. From journaling to poetry to drafting CVs (well, maybe not that), writing flows in my blood. Heck, I wouldn’t have gotten my Bachelor’s in English if I didn’t at least put up with it!

2. I *would* like to share. As I tend to be rather reserved, even timid, in person (#thatsociallyawkwardlife), I would like to share a bit of myself here with you through the wonderful tool that we call “The Internet.” This is the place where I get to fill you in on my thoughts and adventures that otherwise go untold.

That said, Rebecca Goes Rendezvous is my attempt to pack everything into a single place for organizing myself: my stories, my ideas, my thoughts. This blog will feature a bit of everything that I love: writing, travel, food, English, and a bit of poetry. Be prepared for lots of posts about my life in France, travels in Europe (and elsewhere), TAPIF advice, and occasional (ahem, many) bouts of ad-libbing from yours truly, often separated by (parentheses) or *asterisks.*

Any case, welcome/bienvenue/歡迎!

— Rebecca


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