One Year RGR

Hello, there!

As of today (July 30th), I am celebrating my first anniversary of blogging on Rebecca Goes Rendezvous. While it might not be such a huge accomplishment for other, more-seasoned bloggers in this massive online-writing platform, I am still glad to be here to continue what I love about traveling, poetry, and random life musings from my twenty-something mind.

So what’s the backstory of this blog? Essentially, I created Rebecca Goes Rendezvous in the wee hours of the morning, spending until nearly 4 am to make sure that every detail– color, design, overall flow– was just how I envisioned it, before the blog went live. I wanted to make a good impression, so I suppose that brought out my perfectionist side, which I *ironically* mentioned in my first ever post on this site.

Although I had (have) been blogging for three or so years before launching this blog, I decided to start Rebecca Goes Rendezvous as a more-personal endeavor. In other words, I was (am) using my actual name, which I would’ve never imagined revealing in other blogs. It’s strange, because while I like sharing my travels and thoughts with others, there are certain aspects about myself which I prefer to keep guarded. Besides, I like to retain just a hint of mystery to keep people guessing!

In addition, I also wanted to make a blog to focus more on what I really liked to write about, namely, travel and poetry. Both aspects were what I had initiated conceived, although it turned out *slightly* different than expected. True, it’s very much a travel blog, but it’s also very much about my experiences teaching abroad in France. Perhaps I had been inspired by the other Anglophone assistante(s) and lecteurs/ lectrices whom I had been following and, having had just finished my first year as an assistante myself, I thought that I had some TAPIF knowledge that I could give to others just starting out. That said, I wrote posts dedicated to that topic. As for poetry, I haven’t shared as much as I would’ve liked, but I hope to share more in due time.

Nearly 200 posts and 500 follows later, I am surprised just how much this blog has grown since its inception. There are no signs of stopping anytime, either– besides sharing my past adventures with you, I also want to continue sharing my current ones at the same time. It’s my goal to incorporate both past and the present stories, as means of showing that adventure can happen anytime, let alone being treasured at any age– child and adult alike.

In honor of my one-year “blogiversary,” I have made some changes to my blog. Not only have I changed the theme for a crisper, streamlined look, but I have also added my social media accounts (Facebook and Instagram) as widgets for easier connecting. I’ve changed my Gravatar photo, updated my “About Me” section, and added a “Places I’ve Been (So Far)” page (under the new “Reflections” section) to keep tabs on travels near and far, geographically and time-wise. Notable change, yes, but I consider it a representation of moving forward, as I prepare for the changes that are to happen this upcoming year (and otherwise).

Besides appreciating your readership and support, I’m also incredibly grateful for the blogs that some of you write. I don’t think I’ve said this, but I truly believe that some of you have a great talent for writing– from the vivid stories to the personal ponderings, some of you write so well that it almost seems effortless! Something to greatly admire, as well as aspire, to polish my own writing craft on this blog. While I could point you all out in this post, I’ll just let you bask in your glory in anonymity… you know who you are!

Thank you for a lovely one year– expect more adventures and musings to follow soon. À bientôt!


— Rebecca

20 thoughts on “One-Year Blogging Anniversary!

  1. Happy Blog-versary! With these things, I think there’s always a niggling feeling that you haven’t shared as much as you would’ve liked to, or written as much on a particular topic, but there’s always time to remedy that 🙂 I don’t give all the topics on my blog even coverage, but I also think it’s important to go with the flow, to write when you’re inspired to, rather than to churn something out for the sake of covering each theme evenly. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed following your adventures over this past year and look forward to reading more in due course 🙂

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    1. Your support means a lot, Rosie! I equally enjoy following blogs like yours, as I get to live vicariously through places people like yourself have been that I haven’t, although I get inspired to afterwards! It’s impossible to write everything about a place or a thought, but of course, that’s why there’s the opportunity to go back and add more later on. As someone who tends to plan, e.g. travel, blog posts, I often plan out what I will write in sequence, since I like organizing posts as such. The important thing, however, is to enjoy writing, and I’m glad that my passion for it hasn’t wavered over this past year! I still have yet to put out my Pacific Northwest adventures from this summer, so they’ll be up soon. Likewise with your blog posts!

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      1. Living vicariously through others’ travels is half the fun of blogging! I find it’s also a great way of discovering places I might not otherwise have known about. I like having everything organised like that too – blog posts in sequence (preferably in chronological order, though from time to time that doesn’t happen!) and at least a vague idea of what I plan to write about next. But as you say, it’s important to still find it fun and not feel like you’re doing it for the sake of it 🙂

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  2. Congratulations on your blogversary! I haven’t been on for that long but on , I just passed my second blogversary . It’s a great feeling and you just don’t realize how quickly the time went. Congratulations and keep those posts coming.

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  3. Félicitations, Rebecca! It’s hard to believe you’ve only been here one year with all the amazing content you have! Thanks so much for being a blog role model and travel inspiration on my daily feed 🙂 I’ve loved getting to know you through your writing and shared TAPIF experiences… can’t wait to hear about year 3!!!

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    1. Merci, Caroline! I appreciate your support, and I enjoy reading about your thoughts on TAPIF, too. Your travels are inspiring, and I hope to see the places you’ve seen someday. Hope life’s well back in the States, and I hope to read posts of your future travels soon!

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  4. congrats Rebecca! your blog is lovely and ive enjoyed reading your posts very much, from your travel destinations and reviews to your more personal stories! keep it up!! i look forward to reading more and more 🙂

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