RGR 500 follows


As of this past Wednesday, October 18th, I hit 500 follows on WordPress! Considering that it’s been about nine months since reaching 200 follows, it’s amazing to see how quickly the numbers have doubled (and then some). Really, I can’t believe it.

Much has changed since the beginning of this year– from my second year as an assistante to my now-current job as a lectrice d’anglais, it’s hard to imagine that I’ve managed to get to where I am now, as an English teacher in France for the third year in a row. In the meantime, it’s great to continue to have the opportunity to travel to more places out there in the world, let alone telling about them on this blog. From Poland to Morocco to the U.S. Pacific Northwest, there was a lot to be seen so far this year.

I can’t thank all of you enough for your support on this blog– your readership, your comments, and your own excellent blogs make for such an interesting and stimulating community, and I always look forward to learning about your experiences traveling or working abroad, as well as offering my own stories in return. Here’s to more adventures coming soon, and perhaps the next 500 follows on WordPress!

Take care, et à bientôt!


— Rebecca

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