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Today (July 30th) marks my second year blogging on Rebecca Goes Rendezvous. Although it might seem short compared with other blogs out there, I consider it a personal milestone to be proud of. I’m amazed at how much I’ve done so far on this blog, whether it’s writing about travel, personal reflections, or life abroad.

I’ve already discussed how my blog got started in last year’s one-year blogging anniversary post, so I won’t reiterate that here. I would like to reflect instead on the changes that have happened over these last two years, as they have been subtle, but apparent– not only for the blog itself , but also myself.

I’d originally intended for Rebecca Goes Rendezvous to have an equal balance of travel, poetry, and updates from my life abroad in France. However, it soon became evident that travel dominated– I don’t mind it, but I also wish at times that I could share more of my poetry and personal thoughts, but then I second-guess myself and continue to post my travels instead. I suppose it’s also feeling self-conscious of my poems (many which I don’t deem “good enough” to share), as well as trying to find a middle ground between revealing too little and too much of my life– that’s why I don’t specify where I live, the names of people whom I meet, and other details which I might otherwise regret posting later. I do consider myself fairly open, but also just enough to maintain a private life.

However, I’m hoping to make changes to my blog, in order to offer more-diverse content. I love traveling, but it doesn’t consume my entire life (although I wouldn’t mind!). I also love to write creatively, and I have opinions worth expressing on just about anything and everything (politics, media, race, gender, sexuality…). Plus, there will come a point when I’ll run out of travels to post, and I’d like to “spice it up” by then.

The change will be gradual, but I hope to start diversifying my blog soon. Of course, I’ll be posting my travels in South America from this summer, but at the same time interweave more poetry, life updates, and perhaps more “Crazy Travel Stories,” if you enjoy them. From years of blogging prior to Rebecca Goes Rendezvous, I’ve come to learn that blogging isn’t a matter of writing the same thing all the time, but rather changing, adapting, and learning along the way. Blogging is sort of like a book that’s always evolving in its development as you get older and form stronger, different opinions than when you were younger– that’s what I love about it.

As of recently, I’ve made small changes to my blog to keep it current, including changing the website’s theme, updating my “About Me” section, and adding more destinations to my “Places I’ve Been (So Far)” map. I guess you could say that these small adjustments are a reflection of changing as a person, as we’re never quite the same as we were from the past year…but I won’t get too philosophical today– moving on!

At the risk of rambling more, I’ll wrap it up and say that I appreciate those of you who follow my adventures online. Whether you’ve been around since its inauguration or a recent follower, you’ve all been awesome, and I also enjoy reading your blogs to see your adventures around the world!

Thanks again, and there’s plenty of posts to come very, very soon. Until then!

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15 thoughts on “Two-Year Blogging Anniversary!

  1. congrats!!

    you should definitely incorporate more of your poetry and personal thoughts/stories in your blog. i think it can only make your already great blog even better. it can provide more transparency and more relate-ability, if that’s what u want 🙂 congrats again

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  2. I completely agree with what you say about content, and how you can set out with one idea in mind, but ultimately it’s important to diversify and be open to putting out posts on different topics. When I set up my (post-year abroad) blog, I originally planned to write it all in French, as I thought it’d be a good way of practising my language skills. I quickly realised it took me a lot longer to write posts in French, and decided to change tack, posting mostly in English with some bilingual posts (much more manageable!). Looking forward to seeing how your blog evolves over the next year!

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    1. Good points made, Rosie. As we change as people, our changes are reflected in our blogs, e.g. writing style, topics, interests. I enjoy writing in French, but I’d decided to do so separately, as I intended to have this blog more as a commentary/creative writing one (which I’m more comfortable with writing in English). I hope to continue writing what and how I want, while also developing more over time!

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  3. Congratulations! I’m on my one month anniversary and very new to this whole blogging thing but sometimes wonder why I’ve never done it before. To combine the two things you love – writing and travel, into one thing just comes so naturally. I’d love to here more about your experiences starting off as a blogger!

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    1. Congratulations on your blogiversary, too! My experience starting this blog is a bit different from other blogs, as I’d already been blogging on another site for several years before starting this one. But generally-speaking, I’ve found that the first few months of blogging will be a “trial period,” as in you’ll probably have no idea what specific direction you want your blog to go in, and probably write posts that you might look back and cringe. It’s all about the learning process, though, so having expectations that your blog won’t be perfect to start is the best advice I can give. Your blog looks very promising, and I wish you well in keeping up with it!

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