Living in France for nearly four years has given me plenty of time to go out and explore just about every corner of this hexagonal country. From the extreme north in Lille to the Mediterranean coast of Marseille (and Toulouse to east and Strasbourg to the west), I’ve enjoyed exploring the myriad of French cities, all the while experiencing the diversity within the French culture.

I’ve just about visited all of the major cities in France that I want to visit, and at this point, I’m in the process of going deeper into the country with small towns, even villages. True, I’ve done my fair share of visiting small towns, but I hope to see more, as I believe that such places are where the real beauty of the country is.

That said, I’ve compiled a short list of small towns I hope to check out soon. Let me know if you’ve visited these places, and if you have any suggestions of things to do and see there!

5 Small French Towns I Want to Visit

1. Najac

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Source: Reddit.

2. Riquewihr

Image result for riquewihr france

3. Menton

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Source: Puzzle Warehouse.

4. Gordes

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Source: Wikipedia.

5. Rocamadour

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Source: Reddit.


— Rebecca

13 thoughts on “5 Small French Towns I Want to Visit

  1. Riquewihr was one of the first places I visited when I lived in Alsace 🙂 If you go in the autumn/spring there are some nice walks in that area, and lots of vineyards! Ribeauvillé (just to the north, with three tumbledown castles overlooking the town and a fab medieval themed Christmas market) is also worth a visit, and Eguisheim is very pretty (though more of a village than a town).

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    1. Sounds absolutely lovely! I’ll be visiting Strasbourg for the Christmas markets this year, and I plan to do a day trip to Riquewihr/RibeauvillĂ©. Not sure if I’ll have time to visit Eguisheim, but I hope to as well! Thanks for the suggestions. 🙂

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      1. i second everything rosie said! riquewihr and ribeauvillé are definitely worth the visit!

        i’ve also been to Menton in the cote d’azur! very cute, small town to flaner around 🙂

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      2. Have fun! The Christmas markets in Strasbourg (and Alsace generally) are awesome! Not sure if there’s a direct bus from Strasbourg to either town, but there’s definitely a bus to RibeauvillĂ© from SĂ©lĂ©stat and buses to all three from Colmar (when the Christmas markets are on there’s also a shuttle service).

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  2. Ahh, Menton is THE BEST!! It is definitely in my top 5 favorite French cities – it’s breathtaking! (plus, there is an amazing gelato shop in town and there is limoncello everywhere!)

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  3. Gordes is charming, I would also add other villages in the Luberon like Roussillon (my personal fave), bonnieux, les beaux de Provence, uzes… if you’re able to rent a car, they’re all nearby and you can visit three or four in a day!!

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