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It comes as no secret that I love to travel (of course, if this blog isn’t evident of that yet…). However, it’s by no means my full-time gig, as I only take time off during vacation days. That said, during times when I’m not traveling, I’m in the comforts of my home dreaming and planning for my next trip away…

When it comes to discovering and deciding places to go, I get a lot of inspiration from travel blogs, Instagram posts, even by word-of-mouth. Another big one is from travel channels on YouTube, which is the purpose of this post. While some channels are bigger than others, all of them share a common theme: adventure. Such videos are great ways to get visuals of places from around the world, as well as a vicarious experience from those who go to those places. Especially when I can’t go to those destinations, I can at least enjoy the sights behind the computer screen at home.

That said, I would like to share some YouTube travel channels I subscribe to. I may choose to add or remove some over time, but for the moment, these are ones which I enjoy, and perhaps you can check them out, too. In alphabetical order, here they are!

10 YouTube Travel Channels I Watch

1. Backpacker Steve

This Hamburg-raised traveler has gone to some truly-unique places in the world, including Greenland, Iran, and Cuba. His videos are truly the works of a mastered cinematographer, with crisp edits of HD-quality, which is sure to inspire anyone to travel to such places. He goes deep into the sights, sounds, and cultures at each destination he visits, and overall, his videos have a meditative feel to them, all the while being aesthetically-pleasing to watch.

2. DamonAndJo

Popular among Millennials, this channel (run by friends Damon and Jo, of course) is the “hip, energetic” type of travel, with plenty of experimental shots, quirky jump-cuts, and big personalities from the two young travelers themselves. Damon and Jo are those people whom you’d like to hang out with all the time, and their take on destinations are sure to appeal to the youthful, budget-friendly crowd. They’re definitely a lot of fun to watch!

3. Dating Beyond Borders

Technically, this isn’t a travel channel, but it does reference travel a lot. As travel is all about trying new things away from home, multicultural dating isn’t too far off from that. Considering that I’ve had some experience with “love on the road,” this channel shows the cultural, language, and sometimes personality barriers that come when two people of different nationalities come together. Despite miscommunication at times, dating someone of a different background can be just as enriching as travel itself.

4. GRRRLTRAVELER | Christine Kaaloa

All things solo-travel, this channel offers plenty of insight into traveling on one’s own, especially as a female. From how to socialize at a hostel to even dining alone, Christine Kaaloa has lots of clear points on how to make traveling solo the optimal experience possible. The videos of her traveling are also a pleasure to view, and it’s refreshing to see not only an older traveler (40-something), but also a person of color (Asian-American) on the road…and enjoying every minute of it!

5. Hey Nadine

This Canadian traveler has been traveling for over a decade and of course has plenty of advice and tips to share with her viewers. From her video on the most budget-friendly destinations to spending money wisely at those places, she has a lot to say about travel. Her bubbly personality shows her passion for adventure, and it’s sure to make any aspiring traveler want to go out and explore the world (including myself).

6. Kara and Nate

While many travel channels I watch are of solo travelers, Kara and Nate is the few which features a couple. As of 2019, this married couple has been on the road for three years, with the hopes of visiting 100 countries by 2020 (currently, they’re on either #89 or 90). I’ve enjoyed their adventures in Georgia and Turkey, as those are places which I’m dying to visit. Their cheerful personalities are infectious, and their cinematography (a mix between handheld footage and sweeping montages) is sure to inspire anyone to travel.

7. PsychoTraveller

PsychoTraveller is one of the few travel channels which I’ve been subscribed to for the longest time (back in 2015, I believe?). Aly, a British freelancer, is wise beyond her years and has lots of advice and experience to help any backpacker/solo traveler out. Mainly focused on travels in Southeast Asia, Australia, and New Zealand, she offers a distinctive perspective on the Eastern part of the world from a Westerner’s eyes, and I’ve since been inspired to head over there some day, when I get the chance!

8. Strictly Dumpling

Not only is Strictly Dumpling a travel channel, but it’s also a food one. Hosted by Mike Chen, it documents his travels around the world, many of them to Asia. A huge foodie myself, I always look forward to his videos as he samples local dishes from all over– I admit, I get hungry watching them! Likewise with PsychoTraveller, Strictly Dumpling has inspired me to cast my eyes towards the East for future travels, especially for the delicious food!

9. vagabrothers

Hosted by brothers Alex and Marko, vagabrothers offers a blend of their travels around the world, as well as tips and advice on the best destinations to visit out there. They also have a Millennial vibe to their channel, as they discuss budget travel, gap years, and studying abroad. Their laid-back, Californian personalities resonate with me (also a native Californian), and they seem like people whom you’d like to sight-see and party with, no matter where the journey takes you.

10. Wolter’s World

I’ve been subscribed to Wolter’s World since my “early days” of solo travel (circa 2015). Much of his videos focus on Europe and the Americas, but all the same, he’s well-known for his “10 Things You’ll Love/Hate” series that provides honest, no-frills advice about the destination. I think he’s one of the more-versatile travel channels out there, as he appeals both to young, single travelers and families. He has had plenty of experience with both, and his guidance rings true for many adventurers.

*bonus* Minority Nomad

I almost forgot about this as I was writing, but I also need to include this small, but quality gem of a channel. An army veteran who has since dedicated his life to traveling, Erick has plenty of experience all over the globe, and I especially enjoy listening to his tales in smaller countries like Romania, the Ukraine and, most recently, Brunei. He also offers a unique perspective as an African-American, and it’s great to see more people of color traveling the world!


What are your favorite travel channels to watch? Let me know!


— Rebecca

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