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Hey, folks.

I usually don’t talk about topics outside of travel on this blog. Let alone politics: I’ve always found such topics too heated, too much, for my blog, and I usually like keeping things lighthearted and fun that are related to my adventures around the world.

However, I felt compelled to write about something different today. Especially with this past 2020 US elections. I’d spent several days earlier this week working the polls and got to see the voting action take place, and it really was an eye-opener to just how divided our nation is. Even living in Los Angeles, an overwhelmingly-blue city (and in California, an overwhelmingly-blue state), I got to see handfuls of people who voted red. Which was astonishing to me, as I must’ve been living in a bubble throughout my life– a liberal bubble, to say the least.

Here’s the thing, though: I respect the voter’s choice to vote for Trump. Although I voted for Biden, I understand that we’re extremely-lucky to live in a country that allows its citizens to exercise their constitutional rights to vote. Even encourage them to do so. And at the end of the day, we’re all going to have to deal with whomever is president, for better or for worse…

I admit, I was quite worried earlier this week, when the results starting pooling in state-by-state. The number of popular votes and electoral votes were incredibly-slim, with margins as small as a few thousands (especially in states with a population of several millions). This presidential race was super-tight, as I watched the results flip-flop over the course of the five days of the nail-biting process.

I was very surprised to see that some of the traditionally-red states turned blue this time around. Arizona, for one, as well as Nevada and Georgia (although as of this publication, it hasn’t been officially confirmed that all votes are in for the latter two). This election goes to show that states can, in fact, change their minds, and tip it in favor of someone else.

Even if Biden has won, there’s still a long way to go in making changes to our nation. I’ll be honest and say that he was a weak candidate for the Democratic Party, and I’m hesitant to see if he’ll step up and do well for the United States. But we’ll just have to wait and see what happens in the four years to come– until then, it’s a day to celebrate. Enjoy, take care, and stay safe!

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— Rebecca

29 thoughts on “The Results Are In…

  1. Totally agree Rebecca, it amazed me that Biden was the “best” they could come up with! But I am SO HAPPY FOR YOU GUYS. I don’t know where the world would have ended up with four more years of the orange troll. Lots of work to be done now… not only in undoing the damage, but on moving forward and bringing people together.

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  2. Congratulations! I am astonished as well at the number of people who voted for four more years of Trump. It is clear that dealing with his legacy and undoing the damage he’s done will be a difficult and slow process. Still, we are very happy about the result. A more humane and environmentally aware government is about to ensue. And, we don’t have to look at his grotesque, orange face every day.

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    1. The process will be slow, and it’ll probably not immediately change everything in a mere four years. But I do hope for at least some change, and hopefully for the better. Let’s see what the next term brings!

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    1. It really is incredible just how big voter suppression had been before. It’s also incredible that we had the highest voter turnout in US history this election. A pleasant surprise that the swing states turned for Biden, and this might be the start of a change for the states’ political affiliations in the next elections to come.


  3. Yes, finally the votes are in. We were so eager to find out who’s gonna be in the White House for the next four years. Irish people have already voiced their support of the Democrat. Apparently, Joe Bidens ancestors are from Ballina, which is in County Mayo, Ireland. A mural was recently unveiled in the town in the honour of the former US vice President. Congratulations and have a good day 😀 Aiva

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    1. I didn’t know that Biden had Irish ancestry (although I shouldn’t be surprised). I’m nervous to see what Biden will bring to the table in the next four years, but at the same time, I welcome the change. Have a good day, too, Aiva! 🙂

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  4. We, of course, watched the election unfold with great attention from across the border here in Canada. I think most of us sighed a huge breath of relief when the results came in this afternoon. My boyfriend and I had decided that if there were 4 more impending years of Trump, we would probably not travel again to the US. I’m glad that it hasn’t come to that!

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    1. I didn’t intend to work the polls, but I ended up getting assigned because of my job. It ended up being a fun experience, as I got to meet a lot of people and partake in an important part of US history. Plus, the complementary coffee and doughnuts for 11-15 hour shifts certainly didn’t hurt, either! 😉

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  5. Even if Biden was the “best” the Democrats could come up with, it’s a HUGE relief that Tangerine Trump won’t be in office for another term! Let’s hope Biden’s up to the job of healing the scars caused by Trump and uniting the people. Must’ve been really interesting to work the polls and see the election in action, too!

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    1. I have some doubts if Biden will be a strong-enough president to reverse the damage caused by Trump during his presidency, but all we can really do is sit back and see what’s to happen in the next four years. Working the polls was a fun experience, and it really got me into the political spirit (as I normally am not)!

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  6. ive been following it religiously this week and it has consumed all of my free time. wednesday here from 10am I was watching mostly CNN and watching it unfold all the way through until I went to bed at around 1am thursday morning. keep in mind we are way ahead here. 1pm our time is 9pm east coast USA the PREVIOUS day. and it went almost exactly how many predicted it would go. It’s going to be quite the transition. Outside the USA most of us just can’t understand how people could elect Trump, but thats the charm of different countries. i guess. But then our PM gets along well with Trump which frankly.. pisses a lot of us off! I watched a program last week on both candidates a couple of days before the election and I learnt a lot about Biden I didnt know. He’l only do one term i presume, but he seems like a decent human being, a caring guy, and well, he might just be the right man for the times we live in.

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    1. I take it many Australians don’t like their PM, either? I’m relieved that the elections are over, and the next step is to see just how Biden will do during his upcoming presidency. Personally, I am hesitant that he’ll make notable changes to the system that’d been solidified under the Trump Administration, and although his platform of kindness to each other/a unified America is lovely, I don’t think it’s enough to move our nation forward. But this is all speculation, so we’ll just have to wait and see!


    1. I think Trump will still be loud in the media even after Biden’s inauguration in January, but what I’m more concerned with are his supporters who’ll most likely continue to be vocal in the years to come. We’ll have to let time take its course, though!

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      1. That would be nice if the media in general stopped giving a voice to people who do not deserve to get one. In France we have the same problem – some old politicians from minor parties with no role still get to be on air on TV or the radio when really, they have nothing relevant to say. We would all benefit from a refined offer!

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  7. I heard something encouraging about Biden on public radio recently that I hadn’t considered – given his age, he might not even be interested in a second term, so his decisions might not be based on staying in office. What’s more, having a female and non-white VP is so long overdue.

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    1. Yes, Biden has made it clear himself that he only intends to do one term. In that case, it is very unsettling that his decisions might not stick and help out the country in the long run…I am of the belief that, no matter if one does one or two terms, the choices one makes for the nation need to be impactful, as they can change the tides of policies long after one leaves the office. And while it’s cool to have our first female and non-white VP, it’s more important to focus on what Harris can bring to the table, and whether if her ideas will help the marginalized (including myself) or instead pander to the privileged elite. All’s up in the air at the moment, but all we can do now is move forward.

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