(inspired by Marseille, France– February 2017)



I watch sails hover over the horizon,
dipped between twilight and paradise
along the port in February:

A winter chill washes ashore
palm trees of a balmy Sunday,
shoulders of boats anchored to a lifeline
of a lifetime forever moored
on the Mediterranean.

It’s months of solitude at sea
that wishes for home bring you back,
a singing of sails against currents
threatening to break links
to the homeland.

Clenched fists on deck,
the braving of the brave
maneuver the taut nautical
in the aim to return
to the land’s embrace,
the berth waiting to happen
and the yearning to be free.

© Rebecca Goes Rendezvous, 2021

21 thoughts on “Yearning (poem)

    1. Thank you so much! I think it’s during these uncertain times that many people can relate to the same feeling, i.e. the desire to return to normalcy. I appreciate you stopping by!


  1. What a lovely poem, Rebecca. A feeling of intense longing for something is that I can easily relate to. Bono knew this when he wrote, “But I still haven’t found / What I’m looking for.” Cheers and have a good day. Aiva 🙂

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    1. It’s the craving and desire which bring us to near madness, especially with the pandemic going on. Bono from U2 was right in that regard of still finding that hope again! Take care as well, Aiva. 😊

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    1. Couldn’t have written it better! Thanks for the compliment, Leighton. It really is true that the sea evokes so many strong sentiments (i.e. love, nostalgia, uncertainty…) and that they’ve inspired works since the beginning of mankind. 😊

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