A couple of weeks ago, Anita from 100 Country Trek posted an article about artificial lights she’s seen during her travels. From concerts to art exhibitions, she’s checked out so many of these glowing, bright, and mesmerizing events that I’ve been inspired to write about the ones I’ve come across while traveling the world (thanks, Anita!). There’s something really magical about lights that almost seems to hypnotize you, and to see it wherever– overseas or in your backyard– makes it such a universal experience. Here are some of my favorites. ❤

10 Light Exhibitions from Around the World

1. Fête de la Mine (Saint Étienne, France)

20181201_200417Fête de la Mine (December 2018)

2. Christmas lights (Los Angeles, California, USA)

Christmas Lights (January 2020)

3. Klimt exhibition at Atelier des Lumières (Paris, France)

20181030_135951Klimt exhibition (October 2018)

4. Fête des Lumières (Lyon, France)

20181206_193854Fête des Lumières (December 2018)

5. Infinity Mirrors at The Broad (Los Angeles, California, USA)

20200307_112937Infinity Mirrors (March 2020)

6. Neon Museum (Warsaw, Poland)

20190507_130507Neon Museum (May 2019)

7. Chihuly Garden and Glass (Seattle, Washington, USA)

Chihuly Glass and Garden (June 2017)

8. Reed Flute Cave (Guilin, China)

Caves of Guilin part2Reed Flute Cave (August 2009)

9. Van Gogh exhibition at Atelier des Lumières (Paris, France)

20190713_162805Van Gogh exhibition (July 2019)

10. Prometheus Cave Natural Monument (Kumistavi, Georgia)

20190519_113030Prometheus Cave (May 2019)

What have been your favorite light exhibitions on your travels? Let me know!

— Rebecca

45 thoughts on “10 Light Exhibitions from Around the World

    1. I believe the Klimt exhibition was only temporary in Paris (perhaps van Gogh’s, too), but the Atelier des Lumières always offers stunning exhibitions to check out, regardless! The Neon Museum should still be open, though!

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      1. Haha, this particular mirror photo I took is actually through a peep hole, so I wasn’t fully-immersed in it. However, there was a second Infinity Mirror, which was in a small room: I only had 45 seconds inside, and the staff opened the door after time was up, so I wouldn’t get lost inside!

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  1. Beautiful pictures! Chihuly Garden and Glass looks exquisite🙂
    Anita had a great idea, as we’ve seen so many light shows! The ones that come to my mind from our travels are The Magic Water Tour from Lima, and the Brockville railway tunnel (the first railway tunnel in Canada)
    Have a lovely day! Christie

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    1. Yes, Chihuly was a beautiful experience (although pricey)! I’ve not been to the exhibitions you listed, but they sound gorgeous; I’ll have to make it back to Lima and Canada someday to see them!

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  2. I love light exhibition, there is always something magical about them! I have heard many good things about the Klimt/Van Gogh light exhibitions and I’m really curious to check them out but I haven’t had the chance to do so yet. Recently there were also many light shows/exhibitions in Brussels and I went to a “magical forest”-themed one just last weekend! It was beautiful and I really felt a bit like a child when walking around the park where they were doing it! Thanks for sharing!

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    1. The Atelier des Lumières offer a lot of stunning exhibitions, so even if you can’t see Klimt/van Gogh’s there are plenty of others to check out! The one in Brussels sounds beautiful; I’ll need to look it up!

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  3. The Reed Flute Cave looks amazing and so does Christmas lights in Los Angeles, Rebecca! I have to say that there’s certainly something special about infinity mirrors and the way they seem to create the illusion of infinite space – it is a great visual stimulant that is guaranteed to make anyone look ‘out of this world’. Thanks for sharing and have a lovely festive season – we finally put our Christmas Tree up – all those twinkling lights make the dark evenings more cosy 🙂 Aiva

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    1. The Infinity Mirrors certainly plays optical tricks on you, to make you believe that there are multiple dimensions through its different angles. Christmas is just around the corner, and I hope you’re cozying up at home!

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    1. Glad you got to see both exhibitions; they’re stunning! The Atelier des Lumières in Paris is always putting on beautiful light exhibitions, so they’re worth checking out if you’re ever in the city!

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  4. Those are some great pictures! Isn’t Seattle’s Chihuly exhibition fabulous?! I was delighted to find some of his work on display at Phoenix’s botanical garden. I’ve heard there’s a neon museum in Las Vegas. I’d like to check that out sometime, though I really have no interest in heading back to Vegas…

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    1. Yes, I’ve heard of Chihuly’s works in Las Vegas. I was just in Vegas this October, but didn’t get around to checking them out. Chihuly is truly a pioneer in contemporary American art, and he has my respect!

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