Seasons greetings!

Just popping in today to wish everyone a wonderful holiday season, with plenty of good tidings and good cheer (as the song goes…). As it has been for the past few years, I am celebrating the holidays at home with family. And for the past few years, our celebrations will be low-key, as we have already given our gifts to each other and aren’t huge on any particular traditions. Ultimately, it’s just a way for me to enjoy the time off from work.

No matter whom you celebrate with, and wherever in the world, I hope you have a lovely (and warm) time. Despite the pandemic still ravaging much of the world, we have to count our blessings that we’ve made it through another full year of this and that, hopefully, next year will continue to bring improvement. I am optimistic that it will. 🙂

Have a happy holiday season. Stay safe, everyone!

— Rebecca

42 thoughts on “Happy Holidays 2021!

  1. many happy returns to you and yours Rebecca! Unfortunately this year has really finished on a low note, and I must admit to suddenly being as stressed about the covid situation as I ever have been! my only hope is that we are in the middle or near the middle of the last great spike, and by feb/march things will be stabilising. but i dont know! sorry! Let’s just hope for the best!

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    1. Yes, we’ll just have to see. I feel at this rate, we’ll be experiencing spikes in COVID cases every holiday season, just due to how people have been behaving during the pandemic. But I hope for the best as well!


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