My six-year “blogiversary” is coming up later this month (July 30th, to be precise), and I am planning to make a Q&A post to celebrate! I’d done this last year for my fifth anniversary, and it was a lot of fun answering questions you had for me. I’m also aware that I received a notable influx of followers in this past year, so welcome– I hope you’re enjoying the ride so far!

Feel free to ask questions in the Comments below. And feel free to ask questions related to travel, blogging, about myself, etc. As long as they’re not too personal or inappropriate, I will answer!

I will compile the questions on the eve of my blogiversary, so the deadline to ask is July 29th 23:59 PST (or UTC-7). I look forward to them, and thank you for your continuous support! Have a wonderful day, folks. πŸ™‚

— Rebecca


35 thoughts on “Ask Me Questions! (Q&A)

      1. Rebecca, I was wondering if you’ve visited all 50 US States? Which are 3 favorites and why? In which country besides the US have you traveled the most extensively? (My guess is France since you lived there) What are 3 must sees from that country?

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  1. Congratulations!! When I write this it might be pass your said deadline to send in Qs. But here are a few, 1) How’s your general wellness routine while you travel? Like skin care, health wise?
    2) Do you have a curated travel playlist? Which song reminds you for being in the “now”?
    3) I was scouring through an app called as “Heygo” It is like virtual travel kinda app. As we are venturing into more futuristic age do you see virtual travel will become a thing?
    4) Your fav. style you go while on wheels?
    5) Fav.travel youtuber and writer/wordpress you would like to give a shout out to?

    That’s it! Cheers!!!

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  2. Congrats for your 6th year blogiversary! That’s impressive!! I love the idea of a Q&A so my question for you would be: do you keep track of your adventures on the go and how? (apart from this blog obviously)

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  3. Looking forward to reading the final article! My questions are: What’s your writing routine (if you have one)? Do you read a lot of travel blogs outside of WordPress? If you had to choose one destination (a city, town or a village) and blog exclusively about it for 5 years, what would you pick?

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  4. Congratulations, six years – wow! I followed your link and enjoyed reading last years’ answers. Looking forward to your answers to the questions above from other bloggers. They cover a lot of bases.

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  5. Hello Rebecca. In the six years of blogging, has anything changed in your way of blogging? Were the changes due to new ideas or to reactions from the feedback on your site? If you had to change anything on your blog today, what would it be?

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