Hello, folks!

Today (July 30th) marks the sixth year of my blog. I’ve been doing this “blogiversary” post for years now, but the thrill of crossing another year, another milestone, never gets old for me. Seeing so many of you follow and support me over these years has been incredible– even though I haven’t been extensively traveling as I used to during these last two years, I do my best to still capture the essence of travel through my posts, and I appreciate your readership!

As I’d done with last year’s fifth blogiversary, I am doing a Q&A in which you can get to know me a bit more. I’d posted an Ask Me Questions post earlier this month, and I was surprised to see many of you contribute so many questions. Thank you again for everything, and now on to the questions!

Six Years of Blogging! (Q&A)

1. What is your favorite location that you have visited? / What’s your favourite country/place visited so far and why?

Romania has been my favorite country I’ve visited, hands down. It’s a country I’ve mentioned countless of times on my blog, and to this day I still love how beautiful the Carpathian Mountains are, how hearty and affordable the food is, and how friendly the people are. I would go back again and again. 🙂

However, in recent years, I’ve come to really love my home state, specifically in Central California. I just took a trip to Big Sur this spring, and I fell in love with the milky-blue coastline and the peaceful isolation of it all. Definitely a new favorite added to my travel list!

2. I was wondering if you’ve visited all 50 US States? Which are 3 favorites and why?

I have not visited all 50 states (only 14 so far), but that’d be the dream! From the US states I’ve been to so far, I really love Colorado (for the Rocky Mountains), Utah (especially Bryce Canyon), and Washington (Seattle is a fun city).

3. In which country besides the US have you traveled the most extensively? (My guess is France since you lived there) What are 3 must sees from that country?

Yes, correct! I did extensive travel throughout France during my time there. Too many incredible places to see, but if I only had to pick three (besides Paris), they would be 1) Étretat in Normandy, 2) Toulouse, and 3) The lavender fields of Provence.

4. I know you have lived in France; have you lived and worked in other countries too?

I have not, but I did have an offer to teach English in China a few years ago. I ended up declining the offer, and then COVID hit. Big bullet dodged!

5. What’s your least favorite thing about traveling?

The waiting: waiting for flights, trains, food at restaurants, etc. Especially if the waiting takes hours. I’ve come to accept it over the years and find ways to keep myself entertained, but if I could cut the waiting game to zero, I would really like that!

6. What countries/places do you look forward to visiting most?

I’m dying to go to Argentina and Singapore. I was also seriously considering Ukraine when I lived abroad, but given the current political situation, I’ll unfortunately need to reconsider…

7. How’s your general wellness routine while you travel? Like skin care, health wise?

I still make it an obligation to wash my face and floss/brush my teeth every night before I go to bed (even after a crazy night out). And although I don’t keep the same workout routine I have at home, I compensate by walking a lot while sightseeing. One thing that does change is that I do eat unhealthier on my travels, but it’s because I want to try everything that the country/place has to offer (diet can always start tomorrow, haha)!

8. Do you have a curated travel playlist? Which song reminds you for being in the “now”?

I do have a curated travel playlist, although it doubles as my playlist for commuting to work. I have two favorite songs for being in the “now:” 1) “It’s Not Living (If It’s Not With You)” by The 1975 and 2) “Feel So Fine (날개)” by Taeyeon (태연).

9. I was scouring through an app called as “Heygo” It is like virtual travel kinda app. As we are venturing into more futuristic age do you see virtual travel will become a thing?

Yes, I see virtual travel becoming a thing, but I don’t think it’ll really pick up. I believe people still want to visit places in person– to see, smell, hear, and overall take in the sensory experience of it all. Which virtual travel can’t completely do. But it is a great way to “travel” while saving money and not having to worry about the stress of getting there!

10. Your favorite style you go while on wheels?

Comfort, comfort, comfort. As much as possible. Sneakers, loose pants, and a thick jacket, especially for plane rides. Considering that it’d be a long flight with cold temperatures and without much room to move around in, it’s important to dress comfortably, given that the travel itself– by plane, train, car–is not very comfortable to begin with. Never could understand how some could travel in dresses or heels!

11. Favorite travel youtuber and writer/Wordpress you would like to give a shout out to?

Love Mike Chen (Strictly Dumpling) on YouTube: he combines two of my passions– travel and food– into one! Blogger-wise, I have too many, but a handful include Leighton Travels!, Travelling Han, Adventures from Elle, 100 Country Trek, Lookoom…there are dozens more, but I appreciate them all!

12. Do you keep track of your adventures on the go and how? (apart from this blog obviously)?

Absolutely! I bring my journal with me, and I do my best to recap what I’ve done at the end of each day I’m on the road. I’ve been doing this since my preteen years, which is why I’m able to recount the adventures I had decades ago!

13. What’s something surprising you learned about yourself while traveling?

That I’m a lot more outgoing than I actually thought. I’ve always considered myself very introverted and shy, as well as anxious when meeting new people. But when I’m in travel mode, my more-outgoing self comes out and is fearless when talking to strangers and saying “yes” to more opportunities while on the road. Because of this realization, I’ve been trying to apply more of my outgoing side to life back home these days, and it’s been working out quite well!

14. What’s your writing routine (if you have one)?

I tend to write in spurts, usually dedicating a weekend every two to three months to producing enough blog posts to last the next two to three months (example: I write several blog posts in one December weekend to be published over the course of January through March). It’s these periods when I’m super-motivated to write, and at this point, I have scheduled enough posts to last the rest of this year. 🙂

15. Do you read a lot of travel blogs outside of WordPress?

I exclusively-read travel blogs through WordPress, although some of these blogs are independent from the platform. 90% of the blogs I read are travel-related, so yes, I read a LOT of travel blogs!

16. If you had to choose one destination (a city, town or a village) and blog exclusively about it for 5 years, what would you pick?

Cliché as it sounds: Paris. There’s a reason why it’s so well-admired, with its blend of 19th-century Haussmannian history and today’s cultural melting pot, all contained in its 20 arrondissements. You could easily spent five years discussing just about everything about Paris: museums, parks, restaurants, plazas, nightlife, architecture, transport, etc…so much to talk about that it’ll take many lifetimes to get to them all. ❤

17. Can I borrow 5K?

5K followers or $5K? Whichever it is, I have neither, sorry! 😉

18. In the six years of blogging, has anything changed in your way of blogging? Were the changes due to new ideas or to reactions from the feedback on your site?

Actually, my blog did change slightly just two and a half years ago, specifically at the start of the pandemic. I went from posting twice/thrice a week to just once a week, and I scaled down my “Destination” posts. The blog changes were due to external factors, (unfortunately) thanks to the pandemic and the fact that I was starting to focus on my career and, overall, living life. It has been a good change, honestly!

19. If you had to change anything on your blog today, what would it be?

Probably my cover art on my blog’s front page, which displays views of the Eiffel Tower. I’ve had it up since I first started this blog in 2016, and although I still love the cover art, maybe it’s time to update it!

…and that’s it for this year’s blogiversary Q&A! Here’s to another year of more blog content (and hopefully, more travel). Wishing all of you a wonderful day! 🙂

— Rebecca

89 thoughts on “Six Years of Blogging! (Q&A)

  1. Happy Blogiversary, Rebecca. I’ve enjoyed reading the answers to your questions, like #8 – I’ve added the songs to my playlist. (I’m not a big K-Pop fan, but my younger daughter got me listening to TWICE.) Here’s to many more years of blogging and traveling!! 🥂

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  2. Happy Blogiversary, Rebecca! 6 years of consistent blogging is quite the milestone. I never would’ve guessed that Romania is your favourite country to date. Now I’ll have to head to your archives to try and find out why. 🙂 Full speed ahead to 10 years 😀

    Liked by 6 people

    1. I’ve actually mentioned Romania several times on my blog, haha! I love the country too much! We’ll see if I continue to blog for 10 years, but as I’m over halfway there, it seems very possible!

      Liked by 4 people

  3. Happy 6 years of blogging!your posts are always a delight.I hope you get to travel abroad again soon. My 7th blogiversary is at the end of august so we’ve started at roughly the same time

    Liked by 4 people

  4. Happy blogging anniversary! It’s always been a pleasure reading through your blogs. I couldn’t agree with you more on wearing comfortable clothes and shoes while travelling. There had been several trips my shoes broke down and I had to find replacement shoes on the go. I’m now curious about Romania – it’s crossed our thoughts some time ago but ths post reminded me to plan for it.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Thank you! I’ve also thoroughly enjoyed reading your posts, especially about the Philippines (which I’ve yet to visit someday). I hope you get to go to Romania one day– it’s really beautiful…and I hope you travel in comfort! 😉

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Smart answers to all these questions. I’m glad to see that you continue to find interest in your blog even though your life circumstances have changed. I look forward to reading all the articles already written. And thanks for mentioning Lookoom.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. I’ve enjoyed following your blog for these past couple of years. Always look forward to read your articles (especially in French– it helps me practice!). More adventures are coming soon!

      Liked by 2 people

    1. Time certainly flies! You’re one of the first blogs I followed, so I think we really go way back. I’ve enjoyed your works over the years, and I appreciate your readership in return!

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Happy Blog anniversary! Thanks for the mention. The respect and readership is mutual. Here’s to many more blogging and travelling years! Finding the time and motivation to write with a 9 to 5 job is certainly challenging. I am glad that you have found a writing and posting schedule that works for you.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes! Honestly, I think I’m lucky to have found a writing routine that works for me all of these years. Sometimes, it can be a bit difficult to keep up, but it works out in the end. Love reading about your extensive travels in the world, and I look forward to reading more!

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  7. Happy Blog Birthday, Rebecca! Thank you for all the travel inspiration over the past six years (time flies!). Looking forward to reading about more of your adventures 🙂 I’m also in awe of your writing bursts… these days, I find it harder to carve out the time for blogging amongst everything else going on!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much, Rosie! I have a ton of travel posts from my US road trip last fall to be published later this year, so look out for those! Fortunately, I’ve been able to keep up my writing routine all this time, and while I agree it’s difficult, it ends up working out in the end. Looking forward to reading what else you have in store!

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  8. I enjoyed reading the questions that were submitted as well as your answers. I agree about traveling comfortably. They always say that if you want an airplane upgrade, you have to dress really nicely. (I assume that means suits/ties for men and dresses or pantsuits and heels for women.) If that’s the case, I guess I’ll never get an upgrade! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. An upgrade would be nice! But of course, not always necessary…besides dressing up nicely, I’ve also heard that if you are courteous to staff (which apparently is a rarity), it helps your chances!

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