inspired by the desire to travel up in the air


flight path

flying feet across airport security

all eyes on me through the gate

late to check in

late to checking out and about

the runway away from the ground

round and round the Earth spins cycles

wings singing feather songs

they flit float free from gravity

free from depravity and sin

missing the thrill to escape landscapes

for the new true blue truth my muse

flying feet across air aerial jumping jacks

hijacking into my heart

this art of breaking free

© Rebecca Goes Rendezvous, 2022


32 thoughts on “flight path (poem)

  1. I love this poem, and you really do capture the feeling of the excitement and anticipation of travel and adventure. Even with the craziness of airports, it is worth it when we have the opportunity to explore and learn.

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  2. Nice work Rebecca, I do feel the excitement, anticipation and longing oozing from this. As someone who finds themselves more and more anxious about flying as I get older, I imagine my poem might sound a bit different. I wouldn’t wanna inflict that on anyone ha ha.

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    1. I hear you. Flying has become all the more precarious these days due to the pandemic, as well as the fears of turbulence and other factors…I’d still read your poem about flying for a different perspective, though! 😆

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  3. Such a wonderful poem, Rebecca! As much as I used to love being on a plane, Airports are not fun places to be anymore. They’re crowded, lines are long and people are rushing from one place to the next: especially during the holidays. But I still very much love looking through the plane window aircraft during the flight at sunset or sunrise. Thanks for sharing and have a good day 🙂 Aiva xx

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    1. The travel climate has definitely changed since COVID; I can’t imagine the airport being inundated with travelers while being understaffed with workers…but I agree: once you get up in the air, the worries on earth seem to disappear!

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