Welcome to 2023!

2022 is behind us, and we’re steadily moving through the 2020s. COVID is still around, but in spite of that, the world has since reopened to travel and “normal life.” I already wrote about my 2022 year in the last post, but in essence, it was a good year for love and travel. Granted, there were a few concerns and doubts along the way, but overall, I found 2022 to be a more-eventful and solid year, compared with previous ones.

That said, here’s the month-by-month breakdown of what I was up to 2022 (photos included). Enjoy! πŸ™‚

2022: My Year in Review


I started the New Year by getting COVID, which was no fun: I had to take a week off from work to recover and there was also the headache of dealing with getting my COVID hours back (a process which took until March to resolve). Other than that, it was a lot of time spent later on with family with plenty of hot pot meals to warm up in the winter– granted, if you call 16Β°C/60Β°F cold!

20220130_115026Hot pot with my family


The second month was a quiet one, mostly working and staying at home. However, I did spend a half-day on a scenic drive through Palos Verdes. Perched on the cliffside overlooking the Pacific, this part of Los Angeles is a beautiful gem, and I revisited the stunning Wayfarer’s Chapel right by the sea. ❀

20220226_082428Inside Wayfarers Chapel


March is my birthday month, and I spent a long weekend with my dad in Central California. The central coast of California is one of my absolute favorite places in the world, and I hadn’t been back since 2015. We revisited Santa Barbara, Solvang, and Cambria, as well as made our first drive up to Big Sur, which I find is the most-stunning part of California. Definitely a place that everyone needs to visit!

20220327_081306Big Sur coastline


I spent a day in Long Beach, where I checked out the beach (obviously), Downtown, and the MOLAA (Museum of Latin American Art). It was abnormally hot (32Β°C/90Β°F in April??), but a fun day out. Later that month, I had the opportunity from someone close to go on a yacht for the first time! It was an awesome perk, as we enjoyed an afternoon on-board with food, drinks, and cruising the harbor in style!

20220418_143155On the yacht– cheers!


Unfortunately, I had some health problems earlier in the month, which forced me to take a week off from work. Thankfully, I recovered, and I spent the rest of May with some time at the beach. I also stepped into the movie theater for the first time prior to the pandemic (back in December 2019!), which was a familiar, yet surreal experience. I watched Everything Everywhere All at Once, and it was incredible– what a perfect first film to watch back in theaters!

IMG_20221128_140813_982Everything Everywhere All at Once was such a good film!!!


June was another travel month, as I had a long weekend in San Diego with my family. I’d gone to San Diego the previous spring, but it’d only been for a day. This time, we stayed longer, visiting the Old Town, Coronado Bay, and La Jolla. We also had plenty of good food, from tacos to gelato to even Georgian cuisine. We also enjoyed plenty of sun, and I subsequently got horribly sunburnt afterwards! San Diego is such a beautiful city, and I plan to make more frequent trips again someday.

20220620_103502At Sunset Cliffs


Basically, July was filled with lots of food and hanging out with my partner. We tried coffee shops and restaurants all over Los Angeles, as well as visited the beach and museum together. Thanks to my partner, I discovered some cafΓ© spots that I now love and will happily frequent going forward!

20220717_110404Views of LA from above…


August started with big news: my friend got married! We’ve known each other since high school, and it was an honor to celebrate this big day in her life. Celebrations included a day at the beach, followed by a dinner reception along the beautiful harbor (and the club afterwards). Super happy for her, and I wish her happiness in her marriage! I also revisited the LACMA and Getty Villa with my partner, two iconic museums in Los Angeles– I hadn’t been to them in years, and it was fun returning and seeing them with a loved one. πŸ™‚

20220821_122455At the Getty Villa


Summer had been relatively-temperate, but September saw a massive heatwave in LA that lasted for more than two weeks– I’m talking about over 32Β°C/90Β°F! It was a struggle to stay cool, but despite that, I got more good food in town, including ramen, Sichuan cuisine, and biscuits. Also celebrated a friend’s birthday with lunch later in the month and catching up with each other.

20220905_113716Sichuan food with my family


I got both the COVID bivalent booster and flu shot in the beginning of the month. I got both at the same time, and whoa, the side effects were intense! They were unpleasant, and they lasted over a week, but at least I was up-to-date with my shots. Also got dim sum with my friends for the first time prior to the pandemic, and it was all delicious. I ended the month with pumpkin carving and watching Hocus Pocus with my partner (which I’d never seen before) during Halloween, which was a lot of fun.

20221028_203807My Jack o’ Lantern!


After months of planning and years of waiting, I finally took my big international trip! I spent over two weeks in Argentina, traveling all over the country and also taking brief trips to Brazil and Uruguay. It was an unforgettable trip, as I saw so much, ate so much, and overall had the best time ever. The trip was a special one, as it was my first trip out of the country since the pandemic started, and I couldn’t have asked for a better destination than Argentina. I did, unfortunately, get COVID at the end of it, but it wasn’t too bad, and I still had a wonderful time.

20221111_094056In Buenos Aires


Last month of the year was pretty busy with celebrating a family birthday, meeting up with friends, and spending time with my partner after my big Argentina trip. I spent the long Christmas weekend partially with my family for a nice hot pot meal at home and partially with my partner with her family and friends out for lunch. Plenty of delicious food to be had as I closed out 2022 surrounded by loved ones. ❀

20221224_200709Christmas lights in town

How was your 2022? Thanks for reading, and I wish everyone a wonderful year ahead! πŸ™‚

— Rebecca


63 thoughts on “2022: My Year in Review

  1. You had an eventful year, Rebecca! Two bouts of COVID, that’s just unfair. But it sounds like your new relationship, and some fun events, made for a good year for you. Like you, I love Big Sur area and agree that it’s one of the most spectacular places on the planet. All the best!

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  2. Apart from COVID, your 2022 sounds like it was a happy mix of good eats and good travel! Looking forward to reading more about your trip to Argentina. Best wishes in the new year, Rebecca!

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  3. It was a good balance between the constraints of life, work, health, patience and the pleasures of travel, discovery, interest, excitement. I wish you that 2023 will be in the same overall balance.

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  4. I admire you, girl! I love hot pot and Sichuan food. I don’t know why I kept thinking you went to France in December, how funny! Happy Lunar New Year! I wish you happy and healthy. Now, go out and collect some red envelopes. LOL…

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Well, I do love France and spent so much time there that you made a good guess! I will return there VERY soon, so stay tuned! Happy Lunar New Year to you, too: let’s make the Year of the Rabbit a good one! πŸ‡

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  5. Great year, Rebecca! We got the same bad luck with getting a booster before flying to Paris to be knocked out by COVID while in France. Such a bummer 😦 But other then that, the year was full of events and I can’t complain really. Travelled way too much, took great pictures and had lots of fun.

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    1. That’s unfortunate COVID ruined your time in France…but I hope the other trips you took in 2022 were a blast (and COVID-free)! Glad you had a good time; here’s hoping for more in 2023!


  6. Sounds like you had an amazing year, Rebecca. I am sorry to hear you managed to get COVID at the beginning of it, it’s hard to believe that the virus is still intensely circulating around the world after all these years! I very much look forward to your posts about your trip to Argentina, I hope you had heaps of fun exploring it. Thanks for sharing and here’s to a healthy and prosperous 2023! πŸ™‚ Aiva xx

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    1. Getting COVID during New Year’s was horrible timing, but thankfully, the rest of the year went well. My Argentina posts will be out later this year, so stay tuned! Thanks as always for your readership, Aiva. 😊

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    1. Overall, 2022 was a pretty good year! It didn’t start off the greatest (with COVID), but the rest of the year made up for it! My posts on Argentina will be drafted and published sometime this fall. Have a wonderful 2023 with more adventures, Marion!

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    1. Absolutely! Argentina had been on my bucket list for so long that it was surreal I finally got to go. The trip exceeded my expectations, and I can’t wait to share my adventures there with you. 😊

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  7. It’s always special to look back on your year and take stock eh? You had a great year I think, despite double COVID. Such a variation in your travel experiences I feel and further proof that you’ve not lost it as one of my favourite foodie bloggers. By the way, our return to cinemas for the first time since COVID was also to see Everything, Everywhere All at Once. Argentina sounds amazing, definitely something we’d like to do one day (along with the rest of South America ha ha). Wishing you an even better 2023!

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    1. What a coincidence! EEAAO was personally one of the best films I’ve seen in a long while– and it recently swept the awards at the Golden Globe! My trip to Argentina was the highlight of 2022, and I can’t wait to share it with you. Have a wonderful 2023 year ahead, wherever it takes you!

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  8. Sometimes those months are terrible with Covid but now there are others months are happy days. And those travel days in Argentina are such amazing times. My birthday is the same month in March as yours. Have a great year 2023 Anita

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    1. Getting COVID sucks, but getting through it is all you can really do…I had a great time in Argentina, and I look forward to sharing it soon! Hope you go somewhere lovely for your birthday in March!


  9. Looks like an amazing year Rebecca and I’ve enjoyed following along. I can’t wait to read your adventures from Argentina and in to 2023. Also I laughed at 16 degrees being cold as I sit here in -6 at the moment πŸ™‚

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    1. I’ve yet to write up my Argentina posts (I’m behind!), so you’ll find them published later this year. Haha, well, when you put it into perspective…our 16C here in California is like your -6C in the UK (but not really πŸ˜‰)! Have a great 2023 filled with more travels, and stay warm!

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  10. Your 2022 was packed! Like you, I had covid in January (and almost everyone I knew had it at the same time) which was a way to start the year. Glad 2022 opened the doors to the usual travels. I am interested to see the Wayfarers Chapel! Will put that in my agenda when I go back to visit.

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    1. COVID got a lot of us last January, that’s for sure! The Wayfarers Chapel is a local gem in this part of LA; I’d love to attend a wedding there…or get married in there! Hope you can check it out someday. 😊

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  11. I definitely don’t consider 60 degrees cold – haha. We’re THRILLED that we’re experiencing a bit of a thaw this weekend with – wait for it – 37 degrees! That’s a heat wave ’round here in January (right now it’s 17). Anyway, looks like you had a great year, despite the ill health at times. Hoping your 2023 is even better.

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    1. Haha, it goes to show that I live in a completely different world here in LA! It has actually been very rainy since Christmas, so temperatures have definitely dipped into the 50s (which is cold for me)! Thanks for the well wishes, and I hope you have a great 2023!

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  12. What a fantastic year – except for getting COVID! It seems like the perfect way to go back into a more normal life after two very difficult years! It’s great that you got to do your big Argentinian trip, but also that you got to revisit some parts of your hometown and State! I hope you have a fantastic 2023!

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    1. COVID wasn’t great, but the rest of the year was great! Argentina was the perfect trip following absolutely no international travel, and I’m gearing up for my next big one this spring. Thanks, and have a wonderful 2023, Juliette! 😊

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    1. South America has become one of my favorite areas to visit in the world! I have an international trip planned for this spring, but as for the rest of the year, we’ll have to see– stay tuned!

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  13. A (very!) belated Happy New Year! January has been a mad one, and I’m only just catching up on reading blog posts. Snap on getting Covid twice last year… only marginally less horrible the second time! Love the photo of Wayfarers Chapel – it makes you feel like you’re outside with all that glass. Glad you enjoyed Hocus Pocus – a childhood favourite of mine πŸ˜€ Looking forward to reading about your adventures in South America in due course!

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    1. Thanks, Rosie! Glad you had some time to step back and catch up with blogs. 😊 COVID (twice!) wasn’t fun, but I survived! The Wayfarers Chapel is a hidden gem of LA, and worth going! I actually never watched Hocus Pocus until last year, so it was new for me and a lot of fun. I still need to draft my South America posts, but I plan for them to be up later this year. Wishing you a wonderful 2023 ahead!


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