20221111_102941Colorful Caminito in La Boca neighborhood (November 2022)

— Rebecca


29 thoughts on “Postcard: Buenos Aires, Argentina

  1. La Boca, colourful but a bit of a tourist trap with an obsession with dancing tango everywhere. There are more subtle caricatures, but it’s true that this is one of the most visited places in BA, you have to go there at least once. Thanks for the memories.

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    1. I agree: this part of La Boca is touristy and a bit kitsch, but the colors draw you in regardless. Glad to have brought back memories for you; this photo is bringing back memories for me!

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  2. This is very beautiful! It looked like a very fun town to be in and it totally tempting others to come for some wonderful experiences. Make me want to go for some backpack travel right now 😅🤔


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