Hello, folks!

This will be a new travel series on this blog, as I will be reviewing accommodations I’ve stayed at throughout my travels. I got this idea after my most-recent trip to Argentina, where I stayed at some incredible hotels and had a great time. In fact, this first hotel I’m reviewing first inspired me to start this “Hotel Review” series, which I’m really excited to share with you!

In terms of how I’ll be reviewing hotels, I’ll keep it simple with five different categories:

Room: Is it spacious or cramped? How are the outside views? Does it come with basic amenities or goes above and beyond that?

Location: Is it centrally-located? Are there stores/restaurants/notable sites nearby? Is it near public transport? Are there activities happening in the area?

Service: Are staff friendly and helpful?

Food (if applicable): How are the restaurant options in the hotel? Is breakfast complementary and satisfactory?

Value for money: Is it worth spending the cost?

Without further ado, let’s get to the first-ever “Hotel Review!”

Hotel Review: Palacio Duhau- Park Hyatt Buenos Aires

Located in the heart of the upscale and ritzy neighborhood of Recoleta, the Palacio Duhau is a luxury hotel housed inside a former palace of the late 19th century. The hotel itself first opened in 2006, and it has housed celebrities like Emma Watson, Ricky Martin, and even Barack Obama. With 17 floors and 165 guestrooms, along with three exclusive restaurants, a spa, and even a cigar bar, Palacio Duhau is certainly not for your average backpacker tourist.

First impressions upon stepping into the Palacio Duhau: lots of marble and gold. It was by far the fanciest hotel I’d ever stayed at in all my years of travel, and I was overwhelmed. Honestly, it was so excessive– beauty, amenities, hospitality– that I almost felt like I didn’t deserve it all! I’d booked it through my travel agency, and wow, what an experience it was.

I stayed at the Palacio Duhau- Park Hyatt a total of four nights during my trip to Buenos Aires in November 2022: I stayed the first two nights upon landing into the Argentine capital and then the last two nights after touring the country and prior to returning home. Both times I stayed at the Single King Garden View Room, with breakfast included. It’s a big hotel that takes up an entire block in Recoleta, with two entrances on opposite streets that can be confusing when first arriving over. However, you can access both sides of the hotel through its long, underground corridor, warmly lit with spas, conference rooms, even an art gallery!

Most clientele who stay at the Palacio Duhau (based on observation) are retirees, childless couples, and businessmen. Being the only young, solo female traveler in her jeans and Adidas wandering the hotel, I was definitely underdressed and not of the same social status as the rest. But honestly, I was honored and super blessed to be there, as the hotel was just as much as a site to see as the city itself!

Here’s the breakdown of my stay:

Room: 5/5

I had a Single King Garden View Room, and it was HUGE. At a generous 42 squared meters, it was like staying in an apartment! The bed was enormous (and the sheets were so comfortable), there was a nice desk area where I read and wrote in my journal, but the bathroom was the really stunner: not only were there both a bathtub and shower, but also a bidet– I don’t even use a bidet! Also electric outlets for all travelers (USA, EU, Argentina, etc) and quality coffee and tea at the mini-bar (and free!). The views outside were spectacular, as I got a room facing the hotel’s courtyard with also a decent skyline of the city.

20221111_083124Views in the daytime

20221123_210028Views of the hotel at night

Location: 4/5

The Palacio Duhau is in Recoleta, one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in Buenos Aires. It’s historically been the residing area for the bourgeoisie, with plenty of French and Italian influences permeating throughout. That said, it’s very safe, and it’s close to a reasonable amount of restaurants, cafés, convenience stores, and even bank exchanges (including a swanky parrilla I ate at on my last night in). However, for travelers who are itching for a fun night out at bars and clubs, Recoleta doesn’t have much of that, so that requires a taxi/Uber out to other parts of the city, e.g. Palermo. Not very happening, but for a quieter stay, Palacio Duahu has you covered.

Service: 3.5/5

Service was very friendly and welcoming. Practically all staff were fluent in English, even the valet (who went above and beyond in flagging a taxi down for me when I missed my ride to the tango show). I even asked for some extra water bottles as room services, and staff delivered promptly. However, my gripe is that when it came to assisting with questions and communication, they weren’t very helpful. For instance, I missed the tango show due to not knowing which side of the hotel to wait at for my ride, and another instance of almost missing my ride to the ferry to Uruguay. I found some staff weren’t very proactive, so that caused a bit of frustration on my behalf.

20221124_125833The lobby

Food: 4/5

My booking came with breakfast, and the dining area was absolutely gorgeous: you have the option of sitting inside or outside in the beautiful garden. I did both during my stay, both of which were lovely. The buffet was beautiful, but a bit limited, as it was essentially continental with fruit, cold cuts, and some pastries (freshly-baked, though). For hot items, you’d need to order à la carte, but it’s also complementary. I had Eggs Benedict and avocado toast, which were absolutely delicious and gorgeously-presented. So aside from the limited buffet itself, the à la carte menu was wonderful!

20221111_081524Eggs benedict for breakfast in the garden

Value for money: 5/5

I didn’t directly pay for the hotel, as I went through a travel agency. However, a quick look shows that rooms average $500 USD per night. Of course, it’ll depend on which room you book, but even then, it’s not cheap. But for the amenities, comfort, and beauty of it all, I think it’s absolutely worth it. You’re treated like a king (or queen) here, and it made the start of my Argentina trip an incredible one.

Overall: 4.3/5

Thanks for reading the first installment in my “Hotel Review” series. I guarantee more are coming soon!

— Rebecca


46 thoughts on “Hotel Review: Palacio Duhau- Park Hyatt Buenos Aires

  1. The Park Hyatt looks really top notch and a well deserved start and end to your trip. Luxurious hotels are an added experience side to my holiday rather than just somewhere to sleep. You’ve provided a really useful detailed review Rebecca which will be helpful to visitors to the city.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m like you in that I don’t go for luxury hotels, but rather budget hotels. But given this was very first international trip in over three years, a bit of luxury was very much welcomed!

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  2. That’s a brilliant idea, Rebecca! Travel was once about the destination, the sights, sounds and people who could broaden your horizons. The place you dumped your bags before heading out was almost irrelevant. But all that’s changed, because some of the hotels from around the world have become the destination. I love reading hotel reviews therefore I very much look forward to checking out your blog posts about them. Thanks for sharing and have a good day 🙂 Aiva xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Couldn’t have said it better! Hotels are definitely becoming the tourist spot not just for upgraded, gorgeous rooms, but also great views and excellent services (e.g. room service, fine dining, spas…). Thanks for reading, Aiva, and more of my hotel reviews to come soon!

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  3. Lovely hotel and a great place to kick off your `Argentina trip. It is quite pricey, so apart from an amazing room and some nice breakfast options, `I too would expect staff to be exceptionally helpful, so I completely understand your disappointment there. Hotel reviews are a wonderful idea for a series, looking forward to your future posts.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes! I don’t think I would’ve ever chosen to stay at the Palacio Duhau if I hadn’t booked it as part of my packaged tour. My recent Argentina trip, along with reading some of your detailed accommodation reviews, have inspired me to write mine, too…more to come soon!

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  4. what a bummer you missed the tango show. Often great staff will make up for other short comings. so much has to go right to make it a perfect stay. I’m writing from a hotel in Jeddah right now! Eventually I will get to a review lol!

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