My Favorite Places to Eat and Drink in Paris (DESSERT EDITION)

A couple of months ago, I wrote about my favorite restaurants and bars in Paris. Given that I had too many favorites to list, I decided to split up the post and make a Part 2, in which I share my favorite boulangeries, pâtisseries, and overall dessert places in town. For those with a huge … Continue reading My Favorite Places to Eat and Drink in Paris (DESSERT EDITION)

Six Years of Blogging! (Q&A)

Hello, folks! Today (July 30th) marks the sixth year of my blog. I've been doing this "blogiversary" post for years now, but the thrill of crossing another year, another milestone, never gets old for me. Seeing so many of you follow and support me over these years has been incredible-- even though I haven't been … Continue reading Six Years of Blogging! (Q&A)

Destination: Temecula, California (Part 2)

Vineyards at Ponte Winery (July 2021) While visiting Temecula, one cannot leave without going wine tasting. As the city is home to dozens of vineyards and wineries, it's a must to go to at least one of them to sample the region's wine. I like wine, and I like trying out wines from all over, … Continue reading Destination: Temecula, California (Part 2)

Destination: Temecula, California (Part 1)

Temecula City Hall (July 2021) Temecula is a city located in Riverside County, and it's known as the "wine country of southern California." Situated in the southwest quadrant of the county, it's also just a step back from San Diego, and it serves as a gateway to visitors in the north (including Los Angeles) who … Continue reading Destination: Temecula, California (Part 1)