How to Find Flights to France (on a budget!)

Alors… perhaps you’ve been thinking about traveling to France. Whether it’s for leisure or work, nevertheless you’re excited to be soon arriving in and living out your fantasy of la vie française. From the tempting smells of fresh baguettes to the easygoing, laissez faire lifestyle, you’re envisioning just how wonderful your time will be abroad, and of course, you’re counting the days until you’re off!

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The Pros & Cons of Doing TAPIF

Bonjour, future assistant(e)s!

With less than two months until the start of your work contract teaching in France, it’s no doubt that you’re counting down the days until you touch down on French soil. You’re gearing up for the next six to seven months abroad, as you can almost taste the excitement of living in the land of your high-school French class dreams. There’s so much anticipation: you’ve probably started envisioning just how it’ll be, let alone created a blog to document your soon-to-be amazing and crazy adventures (don’t deny it– I’m the same as you!).

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My Housing Situation in France


Having lived in France for almost two years (with the exception of going home in the summer due to VISA restrictions), I have had my fair share of living in and experiencing housing in the country. From my first year as an assistante in a small town to my (current) second year as an assistante again in another small town in Normandy, I would like to share my personal experiences living in these places.

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How Internet Came to be in my Flat

Story time, folks.

As you might know, I had no Internet in my flat for almost a month since arriving to France. In fact, it wasn’t until earlier last week that I finally got it. Considering that it was no easy feat for acquiring such an essential piece of technology, I thought that I would recount to you the crazy, nightmarish process of how the Internet came to be in my home.

Without further ado, c’est parti!

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