My Housing Situation in France

Salut! Having lived in France for almost two years (with the exception of going home in the summer due to VISA restrictions), I have had my fair share of living in and experiencing housing in the country. From my first year as an assistante in a small town to my (current) second year as an assistante again in another … Continue reading My Housing Situation in France

How Internet Came to be in my Flat

Story time, folks. As you might know, I had no Internet in my flat for almost a month since arriving to France. In fact, it wasn't until earlier last week that I finally got it. Considering that it was no easy feat for acquiring such an essential piece of technology, I thought that I would … Continue reading How Internet Came to be in my Flat

The Internet is Back!!!

Hello, there! As you can tell by the title of this post, there is *finally* stable Internet in my flat! I've been without it for almost a month in France (which is absolutely ridiculous), and while it was a long, convoluted, nightmarish road to acquiring it, I'm just so glad that it's here (and to stay, hopefully!). … Continue reading The Internet is Back!!!

How to Survive your OFII Appointment

Bonjour, tout le monde! You might think that, after getting your VISA and making it through stage/formation, you're finally ready to start living the life in France for the next few months. Not so fast. Before you can finally breathe again, there's one more *very important* thing you must do in order to officially (and legally) work … Continue reading How to Survive your OFII Appointment

What’s in a Name? (Learning names while teaching)

Bonjour! Now that you've survived your first week(s) of observations, it's time to start teaching! Besides planning lessons to, hopefully, enrich your students' minds on your respective country's culture, it's also important to have some classroom management (aka discipline) skills to ensure that things run smoothly and that the students don't start acting up and not listen … Continue reading What’s in a Name? (Learning names while teaching)