Al Mare (poem)

(inspired by the Cinque Terre, Italy-- May 2016) Al Mare Step by step,the hike never seemed so treacherouslike the precarious railings which seemto quake in fear with each crash al mareby the rocks that crumble like cakeand fallingfallingdown into the mouth of waves— Rustic vineyards yield grapes full of sugaralong the face of the mountain, … Continue reading Al Mare (poem)


William (poem)

(inspired by London, England-- December 2015 and tribute to the great British poets: William Blake, William Shakespeare, and William Wordsworth) William Boundless and beautiful, the wild gardensecho a pastoral tune, lonely from daysof teeming thoughts that wander by-and-by.Such days I wonder at creation, handsthat shape earth to man, and beast to nature--In the woods, the … Continue reading William (poem)

flight path (poem)

inspired by the desire to travel up in the air flight path flying feet across airport security all eyes on me through the gate late to check in late to checking out and about the runway away from the ground round and round the Earth spins cycles wings singing feather songs they flit float free … Continue reading flight path (poem)

Pride (poem)

(inspired by the legalization of gay marriage in the United States-- June 2015) Pride Love sins for all the wrong reasons. but we know,they know,He knows that it’s all about waking upand seeing your loved one’s facenext to yours, freckled like coffee dropsacross the bridge of the nose—lashes curled like daffodilsthat remind you of how … Continue reading Pride (poem)

Refugee (poem)

(inspired by Calais, France-- December 2015) Refugee “I took a few steps and saw them, guys wearing uniforms with their dogs off the leash, carrying shiny, polished holstered guns...And the heavy pounding on their bodies, their bones scraping on the flooring, the thud made by the impact of their skulls on the steps, I can … Continue reading Refugee (poem)