Rainy Day (poem)

(inspired by Le Havre, France-- September 2015) Rainy Day The sky smells of cigarettes rolls itself into clouds on Tuesday afternoon by the bus stop to Le Havre— Even scarves and overcoats could not help but shiver from the rain in September, signaling winter to come. The bus drags its tired engine, dissipates smoke like … Continue reading Rainy Day (poem)


LA Nights (poem)

(inspired by my hometown, Los Angeles) LA Nights Sunsets on the boulevard, riding down the stretch to what seems like eternity on these La Cienega nights next to you, Head rested on my shoulder, you count the stops along Wilshire mile, catch a glimpse of urban light past satellites and dust particles from BMWs that … Continue reading LA Nights (poem)

albuquerque (poem)

(inspired by my trip to Albuquerque, New Mexico-- March 2015) albuquerque I. the coyote kisses the moon, howling hot-spells on sonora deserts still-breeze on stuccos and tiles i shake hands with the cactus, his needle teeth glistening in the sun smoldering tequila from the patron, giving us another on the rocks   II. i listen … Continue reading albuquerque (poem)

Like Heaven (poem)

(inspired by a trip to Mount St. Helens, Washington-- June 2017) Like Heaven There's a certain beauty In the destruction of ash and smoke blossoming in a lavender summer ready to take flight in the bosom held in for too long in secret whispered among serpentine trees. You tried so hard to keep away Despite … Continue reading Like Heaven (poem)

two-by-two (poem)

(inspired by a trip to Osaka, Japan—June 2016) two-by-two I. spinal exercises in the morning: first the shoulders, then the neck before working up to the head crack the bones into the soup heat and soak stir and repeat fish broth for days ginger slips under the roof of the mouth remedy for throat on … Continue reading two-by-two (poem)