Rebecca Goes Rendezvous

An American living the French life.



Stories (poem)

(inspired by a night in the Sahara desert- May 2017)


Tonight, the universe plays
like television in the middle of nowhere
now here, centered on the stars.

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Wanderlust (poem)


A garden grows inside of the chest
blooms wildflower with each beat
to the wild heart

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new world (poem)

(inspired by my trip to Florida and the Caribbean- Sept 2014)

new world


sun light floods
our eyes, hitting
the bronze sand and
brimming infinite crystals
stretching miles down the

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From the Santa Luzia Viewpoint (poem)

(inspired by my travels to Lisbon, Portugal- Feb 2016)

From the Santa Luzia Viewpoint

Like colorful poppies,
the rooftops
look to the sapphire sky
as the horizon flees
from the windy shoreline—

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Postcards (poem)


When all is done,
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