Refugee (poem)

(inspired by Calais, France-- December 2015) Refugee “I took a few steps and saw them, guys wearing uniforms with their dogs off the leash, carrying shiny, polished holstered guns...And the heavy pounding on their bodies, their bones scraping on the flooring, the thud made by the impact of their skulls on the steps, I can … Continue reading Refugee (poem)

Indian Summer (poem)

(inspired by Lyon, France-- August 2018) Indian Summer I rest on the banks of the Saône,watching dragonflies skim the river like silktoo fast to capture their ephemeral flightslipping desperately between fingertipsas I attempt to grasp at the last of September’s day. The basilica looms across the banks,white marble stark against the setting sunit’s a prayer … Continue reading Indian Summer (poem)

Yearning (poem)

(inspired by Marseille, France-- February 2017) Yearning I watch sails hover over the horizon, dipped between twilight and paradise along the port in February: A winter chill washes ashore palm trees of a balmy Sunday, shoulders of boats anchored to a lifeline of a lifetime forever moored on the Mediterranean. It’s months of solitude at … Continue reading Yearning (poem)

Fire and Ice (poem)

(inspired by Vík, Iceland-- May 2018) Fire and Ice Sand, black as night, is off-set by a jet of air streaking the ashen sky. A roar of wind claps startles the waves, swelling, crashing white anger against the charcoal shore. I take matter in my hands and crush, crumble like fine graphite to feel volcanic … Continue reading Fire and Ice (poem)

The Sea (poem)

(inspired by Cambria, California-- August 2010) The Sea We tiptoed like children across low-tides, waiting for the pacific ridge to swallow us whole. Cave mouths echoed the cambric breeze, their rough centers spill milky seafoam at the mercy of our feet, crushing sand dollars half-priced for infinite gems like burnished gold dust between fingers. It … Continue reading The Sea (poem)