The Miranda Sings Award

Hello, there!

A while back, Jen from GYPSYBUS28 nominated me for “The Miranda Sings Award.” I actually never heard of it until I was selected to do the award, but all the same, I’m happy to give it a go! While I’ve heard of Miranda Sings before, I’d actually never really watched any of her videos. I do know, however, that her quirky, bubbly personality has elevated her to fame, and I suppose this post is to do the same– a bit of positivity certainly goes a long way!

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Bucket List for the United States!

Having been born and raised in the United States my entire life, I continue to find it incredible just how little I’ve seen in my own home country, compared to my travels throughout Europe (and parts of Asia). If you were to ask me what there is to see in the U.S., I wouldn’t be able to say much except the big cities (Los Angeles, New York, Boston, Washington, D.C., etc.) that every tourist would know about anyway. I would go as far to say that I know more about travel in Europe than my own country!

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Life Update #6: Settling into France (one month update!)


As I’m writing this, it has been almost a month since I arrived in France to begin my third consecutive year abroad (but my first year as a lectrice d’anglais). So much has happened in this past month– from finding a place to live to dealing with French administration, I can’t believe how I got through it unscathed, let alone so smoothly (really!).

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Blue Sky Tag #2

Source: LaurenKCowan.


A while ago, Lauren tagged me in the “Blue Sky Tag,” which I’m happy to accept! Lauren has spent this past year teaching in Spain, and her blog shows plenty of her adventures working and traveling in the country. I live vicariously through her posts, which have since inspired me to return to Spain someday. Thanks for the nomination!

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