Photo Challenge: STAIRS

Hello! A couple of weeks ago, Tricia from Travels Through My Lens posted this Photo article about stairs throughout her travels. I've enjoyed following her content as an expat in France (and in Normandy, where I used to live!), and I was inspired to show some of my favorite staircases I've photographed on my trips … Continue reading Photo Challenge: STAIRS

Six Years of Blogging! (Q&A)

Hello, folks! Today (July 30th) marks the sixth year of my blog. I've been doing this "blogiversary" post for years now, but the thrill of crossing another year, another milestone, never gets old for me. Seeing so many of you follow and support me over these years has been incredible-- even though I haven't been … Continue reading Six Years of Blogging! (Q&A)

Ask Me Questions! (Q&A)

Hello! My six-year "blogiversary" is coming up later this month (July 30th, to be precise), and I am planning to make a Q&A post to celebrate! I'd done this last year for my fifth anniversary, and it was a lot of fun answering questions you had for me. I'm also aware that I received a … Continue reading Ask Me Questions! (Q&A)

Photo Challenge: DOOR

Hey, folks! For the longest time, I've been seeing this "Photo Challenge" all over my WordPress feed, from some of my favorite travel bloggers. There are a lot of different types of "Photo Challenges" that are published, but its theme of doors always stood out to me. Simple in function, doors are beautiful works of … Continue reading Photo Challenge: DOOR

5 Beautiful Bookstores in the World

Since I was little, I've always been an avid reader. From picking up YA novels in second grade to studying literature in university, I devoured books within days, even hours, of picking them up. I would beg my parents to take me to bookstores (including Borders, RIP) to spend an afternoon reading in the aisles, … Continue reading 5 Beautiful Bookstores in the World