Destination: Lyon, France (Fête des Lumières– 2017 Edition, Part 2)

Inside the Hôtel de Ville (December 2017).


Following the first night of the fête des Lumières last weekend, I had a lazy morning in the Airbnb (it was incredibly comfy, that’s why) before I headed out around 11:00 to Part-Dieu to pick up another girl who would be staying at the Airbnb. We met up around 11:40 and we headed over to the flat where she could drop her belongings off.

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Destination: Lyon, France (Fête des Lumières- 2017 Edition, Part 1)

At Place Bellecour (December 2017).


I had the great opportunity to attend the fête des Lumières in Lyon this past weekend for three nights. From last year’s post, I had also attended, but it was only for one night: it was not enough time to see everything (or even close, really), so I was determined to stay longer this time– it turned out to be a good decision, because I managed to get more of the full experience that I hadn’t gotten back in 2016. In the end, I couldn’t ask for a better time than those nights filled with magic, wonderful people, and unforgettable memories.

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Lost in LA (Part 2): San Gabriel Valley

Bildergebnis für 626 los angeles
Source: USC American Language Institute.

Apart from the beach-y weather in the South Bay, I spent at least a good third of my childhood in the San Gabriel Valley. Commonly known as the “626” (its area code), this area is located in east Los Angeles which is known for its predominant Chinese-Vietnamese community. Although it’s not quite Chinatown, I would say that the 626 has felt more “authentically” Chinese when it came to the community.

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