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Crazy Travel Story #3: That One Time I Got Robbed in Morocco…

First, let me preface this story by saying that I don’t look for trouble when I travel. If anything, I do my very best to blend in with the crowd, to keep my head down and walk away quickly, if necessary. I also pride myself in the fact that I have a natural resting bitch face, which has probably helped me avoid a lot of sticky situations that have happened to others whom I’ve met. You could say that I’m an extra cautious traveler, in that respect.

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Destination: Fez, Morocco

Bou Inania at dusk (May 2017).

My adventures in Morocco came to an end in Fez (or “Fès”), located in the northeast and is considered the cultural capital of the country. Along with my friend with whom I was traveling since Marrakech, we spent three nights in the city exploring as much of the souks and notable landmarks that it had to offer, as well as eating to our heart’s content on delicious Moroccan food, both traditional and modern.

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Destination: Chefchaouen, Morocco

In the alleys of Chefchaouen (May 2017).

If there is one reason why I wanted to visit Morocco so badly, it was for Chefchaouen. Sure, the major cities of Marrakesh and Fez were appealing to check out, but it was Chefchaouen, aka “the Blue Pearl of Morocco,” which made me fall in love with the country, so much that I wanted to see its blue-walled beauty for myself.

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Destination: Sahara Desert, Morocco

Riding camels at sunrise (May 2017).

During my five-night stay in Marrakesh, I also took an overnight tour out into the Sahara desert, a geographical spread of northern Africa which covers an area as large as the United States itself (incredible!). Visiting the Sahara desert is a very-popular, touristy thing to do, but since I’d never been there before, I wanted to experience it while in Morocco. Plus, I had the strong desire to ride a camel over the sand dunes, so why not?

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Destination: Marrakesh, Morocco (Part 2)

Inside the Bahia Palace (May 2017).

While visiting Marrakesh in early May, I had also booked a one-night Sahara desert tour in the middle of my five-night stay in the Moroccan capital (more on that later). The desert tour happened during my third night, and upon returning to Marrakesh the following day, I checked in once more into the same hostel for an extra two nights.

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Destination: Marrakesh, Morocco (Part 1)

Gardens near the Koutoubia Mosque (May 2017).


For the longest time, Morocco had been on my travel bucket list. Ever since February of my first year teaching in France, I saw other assistant(e)s’ beautiful photos of the country’s during the winter vacances, and at that point, I knew that I wanted to go. I didn’t end up going that first year, but made it a goal my second year to visit.

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Postcard: Chefchaouen, Morocco


Inside the alleys of Chefchaouen, aka “the Blue Pearl” (May 2017).

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