Destination: Vienna, Austria

Schönbrunn Palace (April 2016).

Somewhere halfway through the river cruise along the Danube last April, we landed in Vienna, the capital city of Austria and famous for being an artistic hub for musical geniuses like Mozart and Beethoven to thrive in. It’s famous for its rich, cultural museums, along with imperial palaces, one of which, the Schöbrunn, we visited when in the city for the day.

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Destination: Melk and Dürnstein, Austria

Wachau Valley, Austria (April 2016).

While on the Danube river cruise last April with my parents, we hit up many spots along the way that were a bit off-the-beaten path of your usual “Vienna-Bratislava-Budapest” itinerary (although we did those, too. More on them later). Sailing away from Linz (where we’d actually opted for a day trip to Český Krumlov in the Czech Republic), we arrived in Melk the following morning.

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Destination: Salzburg, Austria

Mirabell Palace in Salzburg (April 2016).

While still in Munich during last year’s April vacances with my parents, we made a day trip over to Salzburg, a well-known city in Austria famous for two things: the birthplace of the musical wunderkind Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and the location of The Sound of Music (as I’m writing this, the opening scene of the lush Alps with Julie Andrews singing her heart out enters my mind). Although it would be a country’s hop away from where we were, it was manageable for at least a one-day visit.

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