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Destination: Brussels, Belgium

Grand Place at night.


With our two nights in Ghent done, my travel-buddy assistante and I packed our bags and headed to our final stop in Belgium, the big and bilingual (French and Dutch are the official languages) city of Brussels. We took the train over, arriving in the Belgian capital in the late afternoon to grey, overcast skies. Not the cheeriest way to start off our one-night stay, but that didn’t deter us from discovering what it had to offer.

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Destination: Ghent, Belgium

Belgian canals never cease to amaze me…

After two nights in Bruges, my travel-buddy assistante and I took the train over to Ghent, our next destination in Belgium. Also located on the Dutch side of the country, this city is just as small and quaint as Bruges itself, and it is also a university town with a large (and young) population.

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Destination: Bruges, Belgium

Canal in Bruges.


After a short, one-night stay in the northern city of Lille, France, I took the train over to Belgium to continue my vacation during les vacances de la Toussaints. My next destination was Bruges, of which I had to make a transfer in Brussels just to get there by the train system (not very logical, if you look at the geography, but I can’t complain since I got there eventually).

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