Destination: Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic

Karlovy Vary from above (January 2018).

Also known as “Carlsbad,” this Czech town is situated about two hours west of Prague, on the way to the German border. It’s most famous for its hundreds of hot springs, which in turn have made it a spa town– as a result, plenty of tourists from Germany, Russia, and the Czech Republic flock to Karlovy Vary for a rejuvenating, fancy getaway. Continue reading “Destination: Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic”

Destination: Prague, Czech Republic (2018 Edition, Part 2)

Old Town Square at night.

The next two days whilst in Prague were spent on taking day trips to other cities in the Czech Republic (respectively, Karlovy Vary and Olomouc– more on them in later posts). However, I made sure to save my last full day for Prague, so as to see as much as I could before I had to return to France. Continue reading “Destination: Prague, Czech Republic (2018 Edition, Part 2)”

Destination: Prague, Czech Republic (2018 Edition, Part 1)

View of Prague from the river (January 2018).

After partying a bit too hard in Budapest, I ended up taking it slow during my time in Prague following my stay in the former. In other words, Prague was my “recovery city,” as I spent my five nights re-exploring the places I’d seen from my first trip back in 2015— all the while checking out a few sites I hadn’t gotten to back then. Continue reading “Destination: Prague, Czech Republic (2018 Edition, Part 1)”

Destination: Český Krumlov, Czech Republic

View of Cesky Krumlov from the castle (April 2016).

The next morning after our brief dock-stay in Passau, Germany, my parents and I arrived at our next destination along the Danube River, with the river cruise we would be taking for the next week or so. We made it to Linz, Austria early in the day, but instead of visiting Linz (famous for the delicious linzer torte), we opted for the other tour included with our river cruise to visit Český Krumlov, located in the Czech Republic.

Continue reading “Destination: Český Krumlov, Czech Republic”