William (poem)

(inspired by London, England-- December 2015 and tribute to the great British poets: William Blake, William Shakespeare, and William Wordsworth) William Boundless and beautiful, the wild gardensecho a pastoral tune, lonely from daysof teeming thoughts that wander by-and-by.Such days I wonder at creation, handsthat shape earth to man, and beast to nature--In the woods, the … Continue reading William (poem)


Destination: Canterbury, Dover, and Calais (UK and France)

Happy New Year! Wrapping up my travel adventures from my vacances de Noël during my first year as an assistante, I am presenting another post which combines several destinations (as I'd done in my last post on my day trip from London) since all of them were just short visits before I *finally* returned to France- to Normandy, at … Continue reading Destination: Canterbury, Dover, and Calais (UK and France)

Destination: Windsor Castle, Stonehenge, and Oxford

While still in London during last year's les vacances de Noël, I decided to make a day trip to see some of the highlights in and around the area. I had booked a day tour beforehand that would take tourists to Windsor Castle, Stonehenge, and the University of Oxford, since I was interested in seeing a … Continue reading Destination: Windsor Castle, Stonehenge, and Oxford

Destination: London, England

Just like with other big-named cities in the world such as Paris or New York, the city of London is a dream destination for many travelers out there, especially those who have yet to step foot outside of their home town, even their home country. While certainly a cliché place to go out of the many … Continue reading Destination: London, England