Destination: Saint-Étienne, France

Especially if you have lived in or have heard of Saint-Étienne before, you may find it almost laughable that I'm choosing to write about this city as a travel destination on this blog. I admit, even I have mixed feelings writing about it, as I equally had mixed feelings when I lived there for two … Continue reading Destination: Saint-Étienne, France


A Guide to Bastille Day Fireworks in Paris

Last week was Bastille Day (aka "le 14 juillet") in France. As it goes with many independence days, there were fireworks featured in cities all over the country, the most-famous being in Paris. Considering that it falls in the middle of summer, during which tourist season is at its peak, the capital is packed with people who … Continue reading A Guide to Bastille Day Fireworks in Paris

Destination: Chartres, France

Chartres is a medium-sized town located about an hour's train ride from Paris. It's known for its exceptional cathedral, along with a lively town center full of shops and restaurants for locals and visitors to enjoy. I would be doing a short day trip to Chartres while in Paris for a couple of nights, following … Continue reading Destination: Chartres, France

Destination: Provins, France

My time in Paris during the last week in March wasn't just limited to the capital-- in fact, I'd planned to do at least one day trip within the île-de-France region. After considering several possibilities, I settled on Provins, a town about 91 kilometers away. With that said, I spent a half day there exploring … Continue reading Destination: Provins, France

Destination: Paris, France (March 2019 Edition– Part 2)

Although I hadn't been back in Paris for more than 24 hours when I visited in March for my birthday, I'd already managed to see a lot of the city. Of course, I continued my exploration that first full day in, as well as for the remaining three nights I had in the French capital. … Continue reading Destination: Paris, France (March 2019 Edition– Part 2)