Destination: Albi, France

View of the Saint-Cécile cathedral and the Pont Vieux over the Tarn river (January 2018).

Following my half-day trip to Carcassonne, I headed out again the next morning for another day trip to a nearby town in Toulouse. I chose to visit Albi, a small town about an hour’s drive from Toulouse. Although quite small and relatively off-the-touristy radar (at least, for international visitors), Albi nevertheless boasts a considerable amount of rich architectural history, as most of the town was built in red bricks.

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Destination: Carcassonne, France

View of Carcassonne (January 2018).

While staying in Toulouse earlier this year, I made a few day trips to other towns in the southwest of France– one of them was Carcassonne, a fortified Medieval town that’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Perched on a hill and picturesque, it’s no wonder that it attracts plenty of tourists each year, as they spend the day walking around the inside walls of the old town.

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Destination: Toulouse, France (2018 Edition– Part 2)

Pont Neuf in the evening (January 2018).

Following my visit to the musée des Augustins, I continued to explore the rest of Toulouse during my first day in town after the New Year. It was sometime in the late afternoon by then, and I wanted to stay in the center until the sun set to capture the gorgeous views of the pont Neuf and the Capitole lit up; it wouldn’t get dark until half past 17:00, so with that, I wandered around town in the meantime.

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Destination: Toulouse, France (2018 Edition– Part 1)

Basilique Saint-Sernin in Toulouse (January 2018).

If my time in Paris after New Years had been the “apéritif” of my month-long travels in January, then Toulouse was my “appetizer.” If anything, the two French cities were just starters as I would discover afterwards, but I’m getting ahead of myself…any case, I spent four nights in Toulouse with a friend, and from there I visited the city proper and made day trips to explore more of what the southwest region of France had to offer.

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Destination: Amiens, France

St. Leu district of Amiens (January 2018).

Whilst visiting Paris after the New Year, I also decided to make a day trip to Amiens. Located in the Picardie region of France, this city is home to the tallest, completed cathedral in France and was the home of science-fiction writer Jules Verne. That said, I thought I would dedicate a day to seeing what the city (and region) was all about.

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