Destination: Heidelberg, Germany

Following two nights in Frankfurt, my next destination was Heidelberg, a college town situated along the Neckar river in southwest Germany. It's not too far from the Rhine river, and it's known for its pretty landscapes, pretty architecture...just about anything pretty. Even though I didn't know much about Heidelberg before, I had heard good things … Continue reading Destination: Heidelberg, Germany

Destination: Frankfurt, Germany

With Christmas season starting right after Thanksgiving, I was really excited to head to Germany to see its famous Christmas markets. Granted, I had booked my flights one month prior, but all the same, I wanted to revisit the country to discover cities I hadn't been to before. Moreover, the 9-day getaway was a much-needed … Continue reading Destination: Frankfurt, Germany

Destination: Passau, Germany

Once our stay in Munich was over (along with our day trips to Salzburg and Neuschwanstein Castle), my parents and I were ready to embark on the Danube river cruise that they'd reserved months prior, which would take us through five or six different countries along the long river for the next week or so. … Continue reading Destination: Passau, Germany

Destination: Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany

After our day in Salzburg, my parents and I took another day trip from Munich, this time participating in a tour that would go to some of the famous castles and palaces in the state of Bavaria in Germany. Frankly, I hadn't had much knowledge of the places we would be visiting, but all the … Continue reading Destination: Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany

Destination: Munich, Germany

After a pleasant (but wild) stay in Amsterdam during last year's April vacances, I headed out to my next destination on my itinerary: Munich. I would be meeting up with my parents there, as they were planning to visit me while also visiting Europe: we would be traveling together for the rest of the time, spending about three … Continue reading Destination: Munich, Germany