72 Hours in Rome: Things to See and Do

Roman Colosseum at night (December 2017). When it comes to traveling, some of us might not have the luxury of spending many days in one place. Whether it’s due to rushed planning or limited vacation time off from work, it can be hectic trying to research and cram in as much as possible into sightseeing … Continue reading 72 Hours in Rome: Things to See and Do

Destination: Bergamo, Italy

Situated less than an hour from Milan, Bergamo is a charming, fortified city that's a popular day trip to see its Old Town, along with its spectacular views and good food to boot. As I wanted to see more of the Lombardy region of Italy besides just Milan, I decided to spend a half-day's visit … Continue reading Destination: Bergamo, Italy

Destination: Lake Como, Italy

Since seeing the photos online, I fell in love with Lake Como, and I knew that I had to go see it for myself. Located at the base of the Alps, this part of northern Italy is the scenic dream with a deep-turquoise lake and dozens of charming villas dotting the edge. Especially when spring … Continue reading Destination: Lake Como, Italy

Destination: Milan, Italy

Despite having visited many of the major Italian cities (Rome, Florence, Venice, Naples), I find it rather surprising that I hadn't yet explored Milan, aka the fashion capital of the country. Especially when I lived merely a few hours away by train in France, it would be all too easy just to make a weekend getaway there. … Continue reading Destination: Milan, Italy

Destination: Venice, Italy

Renown for its history, architecture, and numerous canals, Venice is no exception when it comes to being one of the most-enchanting cities in Europe. In fact, it has inspired other places to take after its canals, along with literature and art, thereby making it an iconic city. It's hard to believe that, with its network … Continue reading Destination: Venice, Italy