Destination: Comino & Gozo, Malta

Malta might be an island-nation, but it's not restricted just to a single island. In fact, it's made up of three-- Malta, Comino, and Gozo-- all of which contribute to the country's politics, economy and, of course, its tourism industry. Visiting Malta without visiting its neighboring islands (especially Gozo) wouldn't be quite considered the "complete" … Continue reading Destination: Comino & Gozo, Malta


Destination: the Three Cities & Marsaxlokk, Malta

While visiting the main, touristy sights of Valletta and Mdina during my week-long stay, I also took the time to check out the smaller towns and villages. Many of these visits were scattered throughout the various days I was there, so I will be consolidating them in this post. Might be somewhat miscellaneous (and a … Continue reading Destination: the Three Cities & Marsaxlokk, Malta

Destination: Rabat, Mdina, & Mosta, Malta

On my third full day in Malta, I decided to stay on and explore the western part of the main island. Having spent the previous day hiking through the lush vegetation on the island of Comino, I stayed in Malta to discover more of its history. With that said, I embarked early to get a … Continue reading Destination: Rabat, Mdina, & Mosta, Malta

Destination: Valletta, Malta

Located off the coast of Sicily, the small island-nation of Malta often gets overlooked as a tourist destination. For non-EU citizens like myself, I admit I hadn't known about this country until in the last few years-- even after I'd decided to book my flights for a week-long visit in late November, I still had … Continue reading Destination: Valletta, Malta