Destination: Warsaw, Poland (Part 2)

While planning my "epic trip" following the semester's end this May, I didn't think of revisiting Warsaw. True, I enjoyed seeing the city when I went over two years ago, but I'd considered that to be it. Little did I expect that I would be returning to the Polish capital for two nights, and I … Continue reading Destination: Warsaw, Poland (Part 2)

Destination: Krakow, Poland

My trip to Poland finally came to an end in Krakow (or "Kraków"). Located in the south, it's a vibrant city known for being an economic and cultural hub of the country, with its historic center boasting plenty of well-preserved churches and its famous Wawel Castle. It was beautiful and lively, and I couldn't have … Continue reading Destination: Krakow, Poland

Destination: Zakopane, Poland

The following morning after my day trip to Auschwitz, I took another day trip out from Krakow, this time to Zakopane, a town located in southern Poland. Bordering close to the border with Slovakia, Zakopane is famous for being a ski resort town, for it's right at the foothills of the expansive Tatra Mountains (also shared … Continue reading Destination: Zakopane, Poland

Destination: Auschwitz Concentration Camp, Poland

During my stay in Krakow (more on it later), I made a couple of day trips to nearby places in southern Poland. One of them was the Auschwitz concentration camp, which is where millions of people-- Jews, vagabonds, criminals, homosexuals-- were persecuted and killed during World War II. To say that my visit to Auschwitz … Continue reading Destination: Auschwitz Concentration Camp, Poland

Destination: Gdańsk, Poland

After two nights in Warsaw, I headed to my next destination in Poland during this past April vacances. The next stop took me to Gdańsk, a port city located in the very north of Poland, very close to the Baltic Sea. Just like with Warsaw, I would be spending another two nights there, exploring and taking advantage of … Continue reading Destination: Gdańsk, Poland