Destination: Bucharest, Romania

The Romanian capital gets a bad rep for being "ugly" or "boring," but on the contrary, I found Bucharest to be a pleasure to visit as my last stop during my travels this past February. My two nights in town were short, but well-spent, as I saw a lot, ate a lot, and had lots … Continue reading Destination: Bucharest, Romania


Destination: Sibiu, Romania

While staying in Brasov during my time in Romania this past February, I also decided to take several day trips to other places in the Transylvanian region. Besides a short, half-day visit to Bran Castle, I also went to Sibiu, a city about 144 kilometers from Brasov. I'd heard that it was worth checking out … Continue reading Destination: Sibiu, Romania

Destination: Brasov, Romania

Whereas Cluj-Napoca had been a stepping stone into my week-long visit of Romania, it was Brasov where I really got into the swing of things. In other words, Cluj had been a taster of the large Eastern European country, and Brasov was the main course. I spent three nights in town, the longest of the … Continue reading Destination: Brasov, Romania

Destination: Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Romania had been on my list of places to visit for quite some time, especially when flights to its major cities from my airport in France were affordable and direct. Even if I had extremely-limited knowledge about it (with the exception of Transylvania and all things vampire), I was rather curious to see what it … Continue reading Destination: Cluj-Napoca, Romania