Destination: Edinburgh, Scotland

When traveling in Scotland during les vacances de Noël last year, I was struck by the contrast between the two cities which I visited: Glasgow and Edinburgh. While the former is very much an artsy, progressive city, the latter is very much rooted in history, with its eponymous castle and medieval old town, thereby making it a popular … Continue reading Destination: Edinburgh, Scotland


Destination: the Scottish Highlands

While still in Glasgow during last year's winter holidays, I made a day trip over to the Scottish Highlands, since I'd heard that they were gorgeous and not to be missed while visiting Scotland. I'd booked a coach tour beforehand (which was about 50 euros, or rather approximately 41 pounds) that was set to leave bright … Continue reading Destination: the Scottish Highlands

Destination: Glasgow, Scotland

Greetings! After a brief, but lovely visit to Ireland during last year's vacances de Noël, I made my way over to Scotland, the land of bagpipes, Scottish kilts, and haggis (which I actually tried while there, but more on that later!). In total, I spent about five days there, hitting the main cities of the Lowlands (Glasgow … Continue reading Destination: Glasgow, Scotland