Destination: Madrid, Spain (February 2016 Edition)

Almudena Cathedral at night (Feb 2016).

My first time in the capital of Spain was during my first year as an assistante last year. Although I have since gone back and revisited just this past December during the winter holidays (which you can read about in parts 1 and 2 here), and even though I essentially went to the same places as I’d done the first time around, I thought that I would recap my adventures traveling solo from last year’s visit, as means of offering a comparison with my second visit, which was with my family.

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Destination: Barcelona, Spain (Part 1)

La Barceloneta beach (Feb 2016).

Towards the end of my first week of vacances d’hiver last year as an assistante, I headed over to warmer climates as means of escaping the Normandy cold. After a few days in the southwest of France (namely, Bordeaux, Pau, and Toulouse), I hopped over the France-Spain border to make my way to the latter country, for even more pleasant weather.

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Destination: Granada, Spain

The Partal in the Alta Alhambra (Dec 2016).

Wrapping up a pleasant stay in Ronda and Marbella, our next destination in the Andalusian region of Spain was Granada, a city located at the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains (not the same as those in California). Besides being a university town, it is also home to the Alhambra, which is both a citadel and a palace situated on top of the city’s hills and is considered the go-to place for visiting whilst in town.

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