Destination: Keukenhof Gardens, the Netherlands

Inside the Keukenhof Gardens (April 2016).

While still in Amsterdam, I also made a day trip to the Keukenhof Gardens, considered one of the largest flower gardens in Europe. It’s located in the town of Lisse, about 40 kilometers from Amsterdam, and accessible via buses, thereby making it a convenient day trip over. Considering that I was in the Netherlands in April during the start of tulip season, I was interested in going to Keukenhof, so I did just that.

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Destination: Amsterdam, the Netherlands (Part 2)

In front of the Rijksmuseum (April 2016).

Once my first day of Amsterdam was over, I woke up early the next morning for the hostel’s complimentary breakfast before heading over to the Rijksmuseum, the national museum of the Netherlands which houses both Dutch and international artists’ works (including that of the country’s own Rembrandt van Rijn).

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Destination: Amsterdam, the Netherlands (Part 1)

Along the canals of Amsterdam (April 2016).

With the vacances d’avril (aka “Easter holidays”) just about to start this year, it’s time for me to recount my travels around this time last year, during my first year as an assistante in France. Similar to what I’d done during the vacances de Noël that year with the ambitious trip to the UK and Ireland, I hopped through many countries that April, sampling bits and pieces of the different countries I visited, but all the same feeling more satisfied with it all than before.

That said, I’m starting it off with the first destination that I visited during last year’s April vacances, in no other than the beautiful city of Amsterdam!

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