Destination: Istanbul, Turkey (Part 3)

Due to its sheer popularity and fame throughout the world, Istanbul is easily mistaken as the capital of Turkey. In actuality, however, the capital is Ankara, which is located toward the center of the country. One can say, though, that Istanbul is the historic and cultural capital of Turkey, as its centuries under Roman and … Continue reading Destination: Istanbul, Turkey (Part 3)

Destination: Istanbul, Turkey (Part 2)

Is Turkey located in Europe or Asia? Perhaps the Middle East? These are common questions that come to mind about this unique country. I admit, I had a hard time deciding just where Turkey belonged upon setting foot, all the while going on a roller-coaster of a ride throughout the country. I've come to learn … Continue reading Destination: Istanbul, Turkey (Part 2)

Destination: Istanbul, Turkey (Part 1)

Turkey had been on my list of places to see since my first year working abroad in France. That was over three years ago, and I didn't have the opportunity to head over until this June. I, along with a fellow English teacher, spent ten days traversing the Eurasian country, taking in tons of sights … Continue reading Destination: Istanbul, Turkey (Part 1)