Lost in LA (Part 3): West Los Angeles

LACMA 3 8-21-15
“Urban Light” at LACMA (August 2015).

Most people who don’t live in Los Angeles might have this image of the city as a “lively, thriving” network of stars, entrepreneurs, and people in the entertainment industry. They might also imagine it to be nothing short of bars and clubs with eclectic individuals who party until morning, before calling an Uber to take them home. This is what I call the “Los Angeles fantasy”– even if there’s some truth to its party scene, not everyone partakes in it. Continue reading “Lost in LA (Part 3): West Los Angeles”

Lost in LA (Part 2): San Gabriel Valley

Bildergebnis für 626 los angeles
Source: USC American Language Institute.

Apart from the beach-y weather in the South Bay, I spent at least a good third of my childhood in the San Gabriel Valley. Commonly known as the “626” (its area code), this area is located in east Los Angeles which is known for its predominant Chinese-Vietnamese community. Although it’s not quite Chinatown, I would say that the 626 has felt more “authentically” Chinese when it came to the community.

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Lost in LA (Part 1): the South Bay

At Redondo Beach (May 2016).

As someone who was born and bred in Los Angeles for their entire life, I find it surprising that I’ve yet to write a post about my hometown. After all, it’s world-renown and it draws just as many tourists as any other place in the United States, let alone the world. With its melting pot of diverse cultures, food, and things to check out, Los Angeles is an ideal spot for people to explore, local or not.

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Destination: Mount Rainier & Mount St. Helens, Washington

Mount St. Helens from Johnston Ridge (June 2017).

Wrapping up our road trip this summer, my family and I spent the last two nights exploring the natural wonders of two, well-known mountains– Mount Rainier and Mount St. Helens– of the Cascade Range. Both visits would be relatively laid back, which was a great way to end our short summer getaway.

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