Lost in LA: Hollywood Walk of Fame

When one thinks of Los Angeles, one word that commonly comes to mind is "Hollywood." After all, the city is the place for arts and motion pictures, the place where thousands of prospective actors and actresses flock to for a chance at stardom, and the place where millions visit for entertainment and good weather on … Continue reading Lost in LA: Hollywood Walk of Fame


Lost in LA: The Getty Villa

Outer peristyle (August 2022) While driving the famed Highway 1 in California, one cannot leave Los Angeles without paying a visit to the Getty Villa. Nestled just at the border of Malibu in the Pacific Palisades, the Getty Villa is a hidden, yet not-so-hidden gem to check out for its vast collection of Greek and … Continue reading Lost in LA: The Getty Villa

5 Favorite Cafes in Los Angeles (PART 2)

Over a year ago, I wrote about my favorite coffee shops in Los Angeles, my hometown. While I still enjoy going to those hotspots, I have since checked out more, and more that I've grown to love. There remains hundreds of cafes that I've yet to try out in town, but until then, here are … Continue reading 5 Favorite Cafes in Los Angeles (PART 2)

Destination: Temecula, California (Part 2)

Vineyards at Ponte Winery (July 2021) While visiting Temecula, one cannot leave without going wine tasting. As the city is home to dozens of vineyards and wineries, it's a must to go to at least one of them to sample the region's wine. I like wine, and I like trying out wines from all over, … Continue reading Destination: Temecula, California (Part 2)