Destination: Orlando, Florida

Back in 2014, my family and I took a week-long vacation to the state of Florida. We went in late September, just before my sister and I started the school year (since we were still in college), as means of enjoying the last days of summer while also exploring a new state in our home … Continue reading Destination: Orlando, Florida

Destination: Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado

For anyone who decides to visit the U.S., it's a matter of checking out its national parks. From the Grand Canyon to Yosemite, the country boasts plenty of sweeping landscapes filled with awe-inspiring cliffs, lush redwood forests, and wildlife all-around. I think as an American, we're proud of our national parks, as they not only … Continue reading Destination: Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado

Destination: Garden of the Gods, Colorado

Although I based much of my Colorado trip this summer in Boulder, I also went out to explore other parts of the state itself. One of them was none other than the Garden of the Gods, a public park located about two hours away from Boulder-- my friend and I would spend a day there … Continue reading Destination: Garden of the Gods, Colorado

Destination: Boulder, Colorado (Part 2)

This past summer, I spent a week in August visiting an old friend in Boulder, all the while taking the chance to see Colorado itself. It was great to see my friend again, as we've been friends since our primary school days, and now as adults have less time to see each other. That said, … Continue reading Destination: Boulder, Colorado (Part 2)