Destination: Easter Island, Chile (Part 1)

  Isla de Pascua, or "Easter Island," is considered one of the most-isolated inhabited places in the world. To the locals, it's known as Rapa Nui, and it's quite incredible just how they've got there, let alone built the enigmatic, but world-famous moai that visitors flock to see each year. Despite just how small the island is, it boasts thousands … Continue reading Destination: Easter Island, Chile (Part 1)

Destination: Santiago, Chile

  "You know, South America. It's like America, but South!" -- Ellie, Disney Pixar's Up (2009) Interestingly, South America hadn't been on my radar until this summer, when my family and I took our annual family vacation there. Despite what I'd learned in history class, I didn't know much about each of its countries' politics, culture, … Continue reading Destination: Santiago, Chile