5 Places to Visit in Île-de-France (besides Paris)

There's certainly no question that, despite being one of the smallest regions,  île-de-France is the most-populous and heavily-concentrated in all of the country. Home to the capital Paris and many of the tourist draws (Versailles, Disneyland Paris), it's no wonder that so many first-time and seasoned travelers come to île-de-France for their holidays. Although it's … Continue reading 5 Places to Visit in Île-de-France (besides Paris)

My Bucket List for Europe– PART 2

Now, it was around this time last year that I published my bucket list of places to visit while in Europe. From the up-most north of Iceland to as far east as Turkey, I had many aspirations for seeing some of these miraculous places on the continent. Fast-forward a year later and, while I'm once … Continue reading My Bucket List for Europe– PART 2

ABCs of Travel Tag!

Hello, there! Several eons ago (okay, several weeks-- I apologize!), Rosie from La Grenouille Anglaise tagged me in the "ABCs of Travel" tag, in which I'm happy to take part (thank you)! Rosie has spent this past year as a lectrice d'anglais in Lyon, France and is now back in the UK, gearing for (I hope) more adventures to … Continue reading ABCs of Travel Tag!