‘From LA to France!’ Travel Blogger Interview – Rebecca from ‘Rebecca Goes Rendevous’

I did an interview with Andy’s World Journeys earlier this month. Feel free to check it out, and his blog, too!

Andy's World Journeys

Yes folks, another ace interview from a most excellent travel blogger. I’m trying to connect everyone to one another and so I hope you all take the chance to look at the travel blogs I present to you.

Rebecca hails from Los Angeles, spent a couple of years living in Normandy and has a great travel blog you must check out called ‘Rebecca Goes Rendezvous’. A huge thanks for Rebecca for taking the time to answer the questions!

  • Hi Rebecca! Thanks for agreeing to do this interview. Would you mind starting by telling us who you are and where you’re from, and of course the name of your blog? What do you do when you’re not blogging?

Hey, Andy! Thanks for the question. I am an American from Los Angeles (born and raised) who has lived and worked abroad in France as an ESL teacher. I am back in my…

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