Life Update #7: First Semester Teaching…DONE!

Bonjour, folks!

As of Thursday last week, I’ve officially finished my first semester of teaching as a lectrice d’anglais in France. Crazy to believe just how it has flown by– cliché as it sounds, it seemed like just yesterday I was starting my first day at the university and now I’m here with no more classes to teach until the following semester. While it hasn’t been easy these past couple of months, I’d say that it has turned out for the better.

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Destination: le Palais Idéal, France

Le palais Idéal du Facteur Cheval (October 2017).

After a pleasant day in Pérouges the day before, I headed out to the palais Idéal du Facteur Cheval the following morning while in Lyon during my October holidays. Considering that I had a mix-up with waking up the morning before (long-story short, I’d made the mistake of setting my alarm for the day after I’d planned to visit the palace, so I’d missed my train to head over– I chose to do Pérouges that day instead), I made sure to set my alarm for the correct day in order not to miss the opportunity see this incredible palace.

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