The Pros & Cons of Doing TAPIF

Bonjour, future assistant(e)s!

With less than two months until the start of your work contract teaching in France, it’s no doubt that you’re counting down the days until you touch down on French soil. You’re gearing up for the next six to seven months abroad, as you can almost taste the excitement of living in the land of your high-school French class dreams. There’s so much anticipation: you’ve probably started envisioning just how it’ll be, let alone created a blog to document your soon-to-be amazing and crazy adventures (don’t deny it– I’m the same as you!).

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ABCs of Travel Tag!

Source: La Grenouille Anglaise.

Hello, there!

Several eons ago (okay, several weeks– I apologize!), Rosie from La Grenouille Anglaise tagged me in the “ABCs of Travel” tag, in which I’m happy to take part (thank you)! Rosie has spent this past year as a lectrice d’anglais in Lyon, France and is now back in the UK, gearing for (I hope) more adventures to come. I encourage you to check out her blog—it’s nothing short of everything you need to be entertained for hours on travel, baking, and personal reflections.

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Destination: Hualien, Taiwan (Part 2)

Inside Taroko National Park (June 2016).

There was still much to see during our two-night stay in Hualien County– although we had covered several places the day before, we had barely started to scratch the surface of what this eastern region of Taiwan had to offer. Hence, we were happy to have another full day ahead of us to explore more of the natural wonder of this part of the country, of which we took full advantage.

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One-Year Blogging Anniversary!

One Year RGR

Hello, there!

As of today (July 30th), I am celebrating my first anniversary of blogging on Rebecca Goes Rendezvous. While it might not be such a huge accomplishment for other, more-seasoned bloggers in this massive online-writing platform, I am still glad to be here to continue what I love about traveling, poetry, and random life musings from my twenty-something mind.

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Destination: Hualien, Taiwan (Part 1)

Cuesta rocks in Hualien County (June 2016).

Outside of Taipei, the city (as well as county) of Hualien (花蓮) is a popular tourist destination, offering gorgeous national parks and beaches to hike, sail, and do just about anything outdoorsy for the nature-minded adventurer at heart. My family and I spent two full days covering the entire county (the biggest in Taiwan), exploring and eating as much as we could.

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