The Sea (poem)

(inspired by Cambria, California-- August 2010) The Sea We tiptoed like children across low-tides, waiting for the pacific ridge to swallow us whole. Cave mouths echoed the cambric breeze, their rough centers spill milky seafoam at the mercy of our feet, crushing sand dollars half-priced for infinite gems like burnished gold dust between fingers. It … Continue reading The Sea (poem)

Alphabet Adventures– Journeys Around The World From A-Z

Over a month ago, Clazz from An Orcadian Abroad wrote this tag post about her adventures around the world... ABC style! It originated on Twitter from other travelers-- essentially, the name of the game is to post photos of a place one's been to for each letter of the alphabet, whether it's a country, state/region, … Continue reading Alphabet Adventures– Journeys Around The World From A-Z

72 Hours in Paris: Things to See and Do

When it comes to traveling, some of us might not have the luxury of spending many days in one place. Whether it’s due to rushed planning or limited vacation time off from work, it can be hectic trying to research and cram in as much as possible into sightseeing a city or country. In the … Continue reading 72 Hours in Paris: Things to See and Do

My Five Things (TAG)

Hey, folks! Last week, V from #MILLENNIALLIFECRISIS posted a tag in which she shares several lists of her "top five" things that she likes (e.g. food, blogs, destinations...). More specifically, she recounts her favorite things as means of getting through this current pandemic, and I was inspired to post my own "top five" favorites, too … Continue reading My Five Things (TAG)

Lost in LA: Downtown Los Angeles

It has been a couple of years since I last wrote a "Lost in LA" post. Much of it has been busy writing about travels elsewhere in the world, to the point that I ended up neglecting my adventures in my own hometown. Considering that I'm not traveling anywhere at the moment (lest for a … Continue reading Lost in LA: Downtown Los Angeles