10 Natural Parks I Want to Visit

From what I've gathered over my years of traveling, I can say that I'm very much a city traveler: I enjoy the large streets, sprawling architecture, and easy accessibility to other towns and cities by public transport. I also love blending into the environment, being anonymous and free in a sea of people. It's no … Continue reading 10 Natural Parks I Want to Visit


Top 10 Georgian Dishes You Need to Try

Besides many people never hearing about the country of Georgia, it's even less likely that they would know what Georgian food is. In fact, I didn't even know what it was until I tried it for the first time in 2018 in Prague at a small, Georgian restaurant. Since then, I've been to Georgia itself, … Continue reading Top 10 Georgian Dishes You Need to Try

Destination: Chartres, France

Chartres is a medium-sized town located about an hour's train ride from Paris. It's known for its exceptional cathedral, along with a lively town center full of shops and restaurants for locals and visitors to enjoy. I would be doing a short day trip to Chartres while in Paris for a couple of nights, following … Continue reading Destination: Chartres, France

Destination: Prometheus Cave & Canyons, Georgia

Wrapping up my exhausting, but exhilarating time in Georgia, I spent my last full day visiting a handful of canyons and caves in the Imereti region. It was another long day spent driving to and exploring its natural reserves, which were absolutely gorgeous despite the change in weather from earlier in the week (from sunny … Continue reading Destination: Prometheus Cave & Canyons, Georgia

Destination: Batumi, Georgia

Nicknamed the "Las Vegas of the Black Sea," Batumi is a city none other like the rest of Georgia. It's exceptionally modern, with towering skyscrapers and numerous casinos and nightclubs for tourists to revel in. I would be staying in Batumi for two nights to get a taste of this futuristic, otherworldly-looking city,  especially it … Continue reading Destination: Batumi, Georgia