Destination: Beijing, China (Part 1)

Officially called the People's Republic of China (PRC), this country in East Asia is one of the world's powerhouses in politics, economics, and culture. It's home to the largest population in the world at just over 1.4 billion, as well as the third-largest country by landmass. We also owe tons of our modern technologies to … Continue reading Destination: Beijing, China (Part 1)

Destination: Najac, France

Najac is a small, but notable village located about 110 kilometres northeast of Toulouse. It's known for its eponymous ch√Ęteau, which looms on a verdant hill and offers a picturesque, postcard view from a distance-- it's no wonder, then, that Najac is listed as one of the most beautiful villages in France ("les plus beaux … Continue reading Destination: Najac, France

Destination: Rocamadour, France

Nestled deep inside a regional park in the very north of Occitanie is the tiny village of Rocamadour. What makes this semi-hidden place unique is its numerous churches and homes, all built along the slope of a green hill that overlooks a sweeping valley of forests and more hills. Its distinctive look, along with its … Continue reading Destination: Rocamadour, France

Destination: Toulouse, France (June 2019 Edition)

This month marks nearly one year since I visited the southwest of France, particularly the city of Toulouse and its surrounding towns. Granted, I'd gone to Toulouse several times in the past, but this visit was different in that it was in the summer. As a result, I got to experience the French southwest from … Continue reading Destination: Toulouse, France (June 2019 Edition)

Alphabet Adventures– Journeys Around The World From A-Z

Over a month ago, Clazz from An Orcadian Abroad wrote this tag post about her adventures around the world... ABC style! It originated on Twitter from other travelers-- essentially, the name of the game is to post photos of a place one's been to for each letter of the alphabet, whether it's a country, state/region, … Continue reading Alphabet Adventures– Journeys Around The World From A-Z