Destination: Ephesus, Turkey

Before returning to Istanbul after our six days in the rest of Turkey, my friend and I had one more stop in the country to make. It would be in Ephesus, a former ancient Greek city located at the very west of Turkey, along the Aegean coast. We would have a short day tour there, … Continue reading Destination: Ephesus, Turkey

Destination: Pamukkale, Turkey

Pamukkale was one place that I really wanted to see while visiting Turkey (aside from Istanbul and Cappadocia, of course). I actually hadn't known about this town until I saw an online video of Turkey, in which I was introduced to its stunning, chalky-white travertine pools. My friend and I were eager to check them … Continue reading Destination: Pamukkale, Turkey

My Favorite Christmas Markets in Europe

The annual Christmas markets have already been going on for a couple of weeks, and there remains not quite another two weeks before they end. In any case, such events are truly magical during the winter season, with plenty of gingerbread, gifts, and glühwein to boot. Should one be in Europe around the holiday season, … Continue reading My Favorite Christmas Markets in Europe

Destination: Cappadocia, Turkey (Part 2)

What makes the Cappadocia region of Turkey a remarkable place to visit is its incredible landscape, often seen as otherworldly. From its ragged canyons to its famous "fairy chimneys," every turn is a natural wonder. For my friend and I, it was two days spent in Cappadocia to see as much of them as possible. … Continue reading Destination: Cappadocia, Turkey (Part 2)