The Miranda Sings Award

Hello, there! A while back, Jen from GYPSYBUS28 nominated me for "The Miranda Sings Award." I actually never heard of it until I was selected to do the award, but all the same, I'm happy to give it a go! While I've heard of Miranda Sings before, I'd actually never really watched any of her videos. … Continue reading The Miranda Sings Award

Blue Sky Tag #2

Greetings! A while ago, Lauren tagged me in the "Blue Sky Tag," which I'm happy to accept! Lauren has spent this past year teaching in Spain, and her blog shows plenty of her adventures working and traveling in the country. I live vicariously through her posts, which have since inspired me to return to Spain someday. … Continue reading Blue Sky Tag #2

The Sunshine Blogger Award #2

A couple of weeks back, Elisabeth (or "Liz") from A Lot of World to See nominated me for the Sunshine Blogger Award, which I'm honored to accept! A fellow TAPIFer, Liz is nothing short but amazing on her blog, filled with travels, teaching, and musings while trying to make it through the intricacies (bureaucratic and cultural) … Continue reading The Sunshine Blogger Award #2

Blogger Recognition Award!

Greetings! About a month ago, I was nominated for the Blogger Recognition Award from Travel-Gourmand. I've been following her blog for a while now, and I continue to be amazed at the amount of traveling that she has done throughout the world. From her personal life in the Pacific Northwest (a place that I've yet to … Continue reading Blogger Recognition Award!

The Sunshine Blogger Award!

Hello! A while ago, Rosie from La Grenouille Anglaise nominated me for "The Sunshine Blogger Award," and I am super honored to have received it! Really, she is a wonderful human being; her cheerful comments and support never cease to make my day, and they are great qualities which I hope to emulate as well, when … Continue reading The Sunshine Blogger Award!