Lost in LA: Long Beach

Near Belmont Shore (July 2020) Home to over 460,000 residents, the city of Long Beach is one of the largest cities in Los Angeles, if not in the entire state of California. This coastal city is located at the very southeast end of Los Angeles County, right at the border with Orange County. Its blend … Continue reading Lost in LA: Long Beach

Destination: Carlsbad Flower Fields, California

Carlsbad Flower Fields (March 2021) Last spring, I spent my birthday weekend out in Carlsbad, a small city in San Diego County. It was a fortuitous, extended weekend, as I had that Monday off from work, and it gave me three days to relax, eat good food, and explore another part of California. Considering that … Continue reading Destination: Carlsbad Flower Fields, California

10 Quirky Attractions in Europe

For many who travel, visiting a new place comes with visiting the popular landmarks (e.g. Eiffel Tower, Machu Picchu, Sydney Opera House) in town. Such places are musts, especially when visiting for the first time. However, for subsequent visits or those desiring a more "off the beaten path" kind of travel, there are plenty of … Continue reading 10 Quirky Attractions in Europe

Paris Photo Scavenger Hunt

Bonjour à tous! A couple of months ago, Marla from Marla on the Move posted a "Paris Photo Scavenger Hunt," in which she took photos of the items listed on the Bingo card during her recent trip to the French capital. I found it a lot of fun, and I've decided to partake in this … Continue reading Paris Photo Scavenger Hunt