Destination: Paris, France (March 2019 Edition– Part 2)

Although I hadn't been back in Paris for more than 24 hours when I visited in March for my birthday, I'd already managed to see a lot of the city. Of course, I continued my exploration that first full day in, as well as for the remaining three nights I had in the French capital. … Continue reading Destination: Paris, France (March 2019 Edition– Part 2)

26 Lessons I Learned in 26 Years

As the title shows, I turn 26 today. It might not mean too much for those who've been on this Earth longer than I have, but at least so far in my young life, it's a milestone that I've learned to cherish. I've survived another year *relatively* unscathed, and I'm gearing up for the next … Continue reading 26 Lessons I Learned in 26 Years

Destination: Avignon, France

As tradition goes, I spent my birthday weekend out of town. For the past three years of living in France, I'd been using my weekends to travel and celebrate my year of birth, all the while exploring more of the country. From the Brittany region in my first year of teaching to Dijon just last … Continue reading Destination: Avignon, France

25 Lessons I Learned in 25 Years

As of yesterday, I turned 25. *cue quarter-life crisis* But really. I am feeling pretty good about how things are going so far in my life. While there are certain aspects which I wish that I could change, the general outlook is fairly positive, and it's incredible just how much I've developed over these 25 … Continue reading 25 Lessons I Learned in 25 Years

Destination: Dijon, France

Bonjour! Last weekend, I celebrated my 24th birthday with a weekend getaway to Dijon, a quaint city located in the Burgundy region of eastern France, halfway between Paris and Besançon. I went with my flatmates, six other assistantes who were also interested in checking out what the place had to offer- we'd booked over a month in … Continue reading Destination: Dijon, France